John Bolton Endorses Biden-Gelb Iraq Plan?


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Not entirely. . .but pretty close.
According to a piece that has just appeared in the International Herald Tribune:

Former U.S. envoy to the United Nations John Bolton said in an interview published in France that the United States has “no strategic interest” in a united Iraq. . .
Bolton suggested in the interview that the United States shouldn’t necessarily keep Iraq from splitting up. The Bush administration and the Iraqi government have said they don’t want Iraq divided.
“The United States has no strategic interest in the fact that there’s one Iraq, or three Iraqs,” he was quoted as saying. “We have a strategic interest in the fact of ensuring that what emerges is not a state in complete collapse, which could become a refuge for terrorists or a terrorist state.”

The Biden-Gelb plan actually posits a central government federation of largely autonomous regions — rather than Bolton’s “3 Iraqs Plan”.
However, it is interesting to see that even people like John Bolton who is tapped deeply into the Cheney national security team would be publicly advocating a strategy so at odds with what the President is saying.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “John Bolton Endorses Biden-Gelb Iraq Plan?

  1. Stygius says:

    This smacks of flailing for influence, especially when paired with Chris Nelson’s recent speculations that Chris Hill and Condi are working directly with Bush on a North Korea solution — with the president deliberately locking out the saboteur faction of Cheney/Addington/Bolton.
    And with Rice recently able to throw Bolton’s replacement, Joseph, overboard, it looks like the Cheney faction’s influence is on the wane.
    It’s hard to credit Rice — whose bureaucratic ineptitude as NSA proved a disaster. Seems like Josh Bolten is successfully creating the breathing space in the administration for genuine creativity in some aspects of foreign policy making.


  2. liz says:

    These comments were made over a week ago. I watched this on You tube last week. Nothing new here > and it’s interesting to watch Bolton start spilling some tidbits and morsels too.
    Bush CO is falling apart…. FINALLY>


  3. Carroll says:

    Bolton works for the Israelis, not the US so anything he says reflects their interest not the US interest.


  4. ET says:

    Peace Rally Washington D.C. 01/27/07 video:


  5. Marcia says:

    The “divide and rule” worked for the British Empire until it collasped and they left behind frontiers of conflict, see India-Pakistan etc.
    All the administration’s drooling about democracy was addressed to the gallery. Their plan to establish American hegemony, first in the ME then in the world, will take any kind of puppet government they can get.
    They had no problem shifting the goals from WND to democracy to a unified Iraq, to staying the course, never having wanted to stay the course, so another curve or underpass will not trouble them.
    I’ll stick to the Bolton “bad” ticket. If he changes his mind, it is for a reason.
    With the war on Xmas, Santa will not knock on doors and since the administration has moved on to Iran they are probably snorting among themselves about how they are duping us again.
    When Cheney climbs out of his hideout something bad is always going to happen.


  6. TonyForesta says:

    At least one of the fascist in the Bush government is finally admitting the obvious.
    The Bush governments catasrophic failures, obscene abuses, woefull incompentence, radical perversion of American and international laws and principles, craven betrayal of the peoples trust, criminal lack of accounting and financial malfeasance, and wanton profiteeging in Irag have destroyed forever any hope of a united Iraq.
    Iraq is tearing itself apart internally along sectarian and tribal lines vying for what little control of the nations oil resources and revenue anyone can wrench from the clutches of the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government.
    Iran won Irag.
    There will be nothing like the rosy hollow promises of victory, or success in Iraq the Bush government pimped to the American people – and the Bush government fascist pipe dream of forcing a perversion of democracy down the throats of the Iraqi people with the terrible swift sword of America’s hyper superior military are dead and rotting in costly bloody noendinsight horrorshow in the land of the two rivers.
    Iraq will divide into two or possible three relatively autonomous nations states with Iranian backe Shi’a dominating the rich oil fields and distribution points in the South, Kurds controlling the large oil reserves and pipelines in the North, and Sunni’s backed largely by Saudia Arabia, Egypt, and Syria doing everything in their power to glean any access to Iraq’s oil wealth and lash out at the emerging Kurdish and Shi’a governments.
    The fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government LOST the Iraq war long ago, and all the kings horses and all the kings men, cannot put this fiercely dividing nation and bloody, costly, noendinsight horrorshow in Iraq back together again.


  7. bAkho says:

    As General Odom testified,
    “That includes the proposal to sponsor the breakup by creating three successor states. To do so would be to preside over the massive ethnic cleansing operations required for the successor states to be reasonably stable. Ethnic cleansing is happening in spite of the US military in Iraq, but I see no political or moral advantage for the United States to become its advocate. We are already being blamed as its facilitator.”
    More testimony here:
    This administration is pursuing a bad foreign policy.


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