John Adams Beats Hamilton in Race to Mini-Series


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Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giametti clowning it up as Ben Franklin and John Adams in new HBO miniseries. Rare scene since Adams was not known for communal fun.
January 11th was Alexander Hamilton’s 250th birthday — but he doesn’t have a movie or mini-series yet.
But John Adams — 2nd President of the United States — and a thorn in the sides of Washington, Hamilton, Franklin, and Jefferson but nonetheless a vital part of America’s successful transition from concept to nation is about to have his own HBO series.
I just looked at the trailer that is available here — and the line-up with Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney, Thomas Wilkinson, David Morse and others looks intriguing.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “John Adams Beats Hamilton in Race to Mini-Series

  1. daniel says:

    To PissedOffAmerican: Yes!! Impeach them both!! Show the world that the United States still values it’s Constitution.
    Re: John Adams. Do you think they’ll mention the Alien and Sedition Act? Doesn’t John Adams represent some of the principles of the “unitary executive”, ie, monarchical powers?


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:
    Admirers of Constitution Booted for Wearing Impeach T-shirts in DC
    by Ralph Lopez
    Sat Jan 12, 2008 at 03:57:43 PM PST
    With the original First Amendment “Freedom of Speech” looking on, admirers of the U.S. Constitution in the Washington D.C. National Archives Building today were ordered to leave for wearing tee-shirts reading “Impeach Bush and Cheney.” Many of the tourist-activists were in town to hail the arrival of impeachment marcher John Nirenberg, the 61 year-old college professor who has just walked from Boston to D.C. to call attention to the need for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.
    In a telephone interview, one of the participants, Susan Serpa, age 56, told me she was looking at the displays when a female security guard approached her and said “You need to go speak to that man over there” indicating a burly security guard. When Serpa asked why, the woman said: “Your shirt.” Serpa’s shirt reads on the front: “Impeach Bush and Cheney, Change History.” On the reverse it says: “”
    Other security guards then approached Serpa and told her: “You need to leave because of your shirt.”…
    The ranking security officer present at the incident gave his name as Captain Judd.
    An impeachment resolution against Dick Cheney was introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and is now sitting in the House Judiciary Committee, headed by Committee Chairman Rep. John Conyers. Despite pleas from growing numbers of Americans, Conyers has continued to keep the resolution bottled up, and steadfastly refuses to move it forward. The number for Conyers’ office is 202-225-3951. After-hours voicemail is available.
    A contact list for Conyers’ major campaign contributors has been compiled by YaliesForImpeachment, along with a full contact list of Judiciary Committee members.
    In addition, Rep. Robert Wexler, another Judiciary Committee member, has undertaken a campaign to sway his colleagues on the committee to support the initiation of impeachment hearings against Dick Cheney. He has spent significantly from his own funds for an advertising campaign to combat the near total media black-out on the building pressure for impeachment, and is asking for help in financing further advertising.
    Audio interviews of some of those whose rights were violated were taken by a DC Indymedia reporter, whose write-up is posted here.
    Addendum from the diarist, a comment 5:25 PST:
    Yes I’m mad as hell to, so let’s channel this energy into everyone leaving a voice-mail at the Judiciary Committee, for Conyers, RIGHT NOW, telling him get off his ass and start hearings against Cheney. The thugs will learn that when they don’t like something they see, their thuggish actions to stop that thing only backfire and cause it to happen. Political juijitsu. Judiciary: 202-225-3951
    It’s not the security guards or even Capt. Judd primarily, though they are at fault. This is the country George Bush is handing us, these are the signals he gives in every speech, aimed at the dim-witted, that free speech and bad-mouthin’ the prezdent are treason. He knows exactly what he’s doing and HE is the problem. You don’t need to arrest anyone, just make people fearful of expressing their opinion of him so it never reaches critical mass and takes off. Impeach them both!


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