Joe Biden Says to Bush: “Mr. President, This is Your War”


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Senate Foreign Relations Committee incoming Chairman and just declared presidential candidate Joseph Biden is avoiding John Kerry’s political problem and not planning to say “I voted for it before I voted against it” by opposing the President’s plan to surge troop levels in Iraq on the front end.
The President has set a political trap for Democrats in two military arenas — one focused on Iraq deployments and the other on the overall size of the U.S. military at home and abroad.
Bush’s first trap has drawn many leading Democrats into advocating a surge in troop levels in Iraq somewhat mindlessly — without a broader serious discussion of performance benchmarks that ought to precede any further build-up of US troops.
Another trap the President has set is a call for a larger general military force — something many Democrats running for higher office will find themselves in a knee-jerk supportive position — even though they should be demanding more dialogue about what a larger military would achieve for or cost the nation.
In my view, it is consistent with the President’s irresponsibility in managing the Iraq War that he has failed to couple any discussion of reversing his vaunted tax cuts to a discussion of new investments in the overall size of America’s military.
Secondly, by focusing on the numer of overall troops in the military, President Bush is trying to seduce the nation (and Democrats running the Congress) into believing that if only the military were larger, our problems would be solved.
But as a number of smart folks have been saying for quite a long time now:


Biden is getting it right. Here are a few of Senator Biden’s websites that deserve your attention:

More later.
— Steve Clemons


29 comments on “Joe Biden Says to Bush: “Mr. President, This is Your War”

  1. david says:

    Today 3/4 of a million Americans live on the streets in their car or in tents
    of them 200,000 are veterans of the 1st Iraq war
    when the war comes to a screaching halt we can add half of the military in this roll call
    but tomorrow there will be millions on the street and no food to feed them
    WE borrowed from those that do not want to lend anymore today
    we have reached in to the future and squandered our govt pensions away
    we have our people roaming is the Bernays bubble ( Eddie Bernays)
    and when the bottom falls out it wont be with a
    slow southern drawl it will be a bang its over
    China grows exponentially we flush them with cash from our maniacal buying binges at Walmarts
    at the sametime we deminish.
    it is no secret that this is done deliberately
    it would be foolish to think it is happenstance
    this is well thought out
    the rich elite’s plan of a NWO is not one where America rules the earth this is the mistake so many make
    it is not about that at all
    it is about America losing it’s most cherished things
    and the rest of the world being given more while we get less
    As the winds begin to blow and the USD hegemony falls we will be left wandering the streets with our teeth gnashing
    And the Elites already know that we will both give up our Constitution and bill of rights
    as well as accept a North American Union and the Amero without so much as a wimper
    As the winds blow the housing bubble away and next the hedge funds away
    watch how fast the rest of the dminoes fall
    and be forewarned this is not by way of corruption, happenstance, or treason but rather by way of the elites gift to humanity
    I can feel the winds chaging shift heading for the hedge funds already
    the days of boss hog’s sty are over
    they come for you and you will be helpless to do anything your forefathers turn in their graves you have slumbered to long there is no time left for your recourse to effect change
    the days are numbered
    they will make you gnash your teeth and knook your knees
    untill in despair you say give us NWO and take away the constitution and give us Ameroca take away USD
    The Fed has spoken
    Resistance is futile


  2. pauline says:

    “In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.”
    Leo Tolstoy


  3. Tony Foresta says:

    Neither “Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations”, nor Carroll, nor the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government, nor the fanaticus truebelievers, nor even Biden, or anyone here in America has any more say in what happens in Iraq. We are powerless no to do anything but cut our losses, and watch as the tragic events unfurl.
    The nearterm is certain to be turbulent and bloody, – but our best hope is to restore some legitmacy and credibility to America (IMPEACH BUSH, CHENEY, RICE, CHERTOFF, GONZALEZ, et al) and word with the emerging powers to secure the best possible future advancing America’s interests. (America’s interests, by the way are polar opposite of the narcissistic designs and interests of the FASCISTS in the Bush government).
    Iran won Iraq.
    Iraq will divide into three or maybe two autonomous regions with the Kurds controlling the North, and oil rich Kirkuk, and the Iranian backed Shi’a controlling the Southern oil fields and distribution centers. There is already a ferocious civil war ongoing in Iraq, despite the hollow fictions and naked pathetic denials of the fascist in the Bush government.
    Sunni’s and Shi’a will vie for religious and political power and oil wealth in the land of the two rivers and beyond.
    America must remove itself from this intramural islamic conflict and resume the critical work of hunting, capturing, or killing every single jihadist mass murderer and all those who aid and abet them on the planet. America must also renounce, recant, and forget about any idea’s, imaginings, or conjurings relating to invasion and occupation scenarios, democratizing the ME, or conducting religious reformations or crusades on soveriegn nations. These are imperialist and fascist policies that are unsustainable economically, militarily, and politically, and that are morally repugnant.
    Killing terrorists is within our legal rights as a free nation, – invading, occupying, and marauding any nation, and slaughtering innocent people for the singular profits of a few fascists is imperialist, adventurist, tyrannical, and doomed to failure.
    Deliver us from evil.


  4. rich says:

    I’m looking forward to the Democratic Przntl debates.
    Why, you ask??
    Because it’ll be entertaining to watch Dennis Kucinich kick Joe Biden’s A$$ just like he did Joe Lieberman’s, that’s why.
    Actually, I think Biden’ll fare reasonably well, til the sharp knives come out and folks take a close look at his record. He may be in a much better position to serve/lead at this particular moment in history than many political junkies can admit.
    All the same, it was entertaining as hell to see Kucinich say all the right things and not go down easy, while Lieberman compromised and triangulated and went down, fast and hard.
    Who was right on the war, and on Bush, after all? The attitude towards Kucinich speaks volumes. I’m glad he’s running again.
    Biden has a good chance to do much better than expected. But you know Rove is reading all the Irish political speeches he can lay his hands on. Which WILL come up, guaranteed.


  5. John says:

    As usual, there is probably an oil-related element to Biden’s proposal to split the country into three and prevent actions that would prevent it from happening. Most likely Biden is in the pocket of a different set of oil industry interests from James Baker (maybe DuPont wants to play in oil again?). Compared with the central government, neither the shiites nor the kurds have experience dealing with oil companies and would be particularly poor at negotiating contracts, managing, and enforcing them. Given the current unrest, any investments would have to be on terms highly favorable to oil companies. With oil prices over $60 and cost of extracting Iraqi oil under $1, guess who would get the profits?
    Since increasing the number of members in a cartel makes it harder to manage, breaking Iraq is also a step to breaking OPEC. Interesting that Baker (and the oil majors) seem comfortable dealing with a single Iraqi oil company and leaving OPEC as is.
    As if Sunni-Shia and Iranian-Saudi competitions weren’t bad enough, we also have competing interests in the oil industry (see Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse). Yet our beloved realists and neocons steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that oil plays any role at all in this game!


  6. MP says:

    Carroll writes: “…original purpose of seperating the Kurds into their own state..which we know was for the benefit of Israel…”
    And, ah, of course, there are a few dozen Kurds that are in favor of it too.


  7. ET says:

    Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered the army today to resume operations against Palestinians launching rockets into Israel, accusing militants of violating a month-old cease-fire between the two sides.


  8. Carroll says:

    I disagree with Steve on Biden getting it ‘right”
    In fact something smells.
    I would be more interested in knowing who is funding Biden’s net sites and who is behind “Unite Our States”.
    First, in general when there is no disclosure of financing for a site or ‘group” then someone doesn’t want you to know. If Biden is funding the “Unite Our States” group it would be stated.
    And although I sometimes find merit in CFR’s Gelb’s opinions I still see them pushing to follow the PNAC and the Clean Break’s original purpose of seperating the Kurds into their own state..which we know was for the benefit of Israel…and which all sane people know would be a r-e-a-l long term guarentee of continuing conflict in Iraq. So frankly Biden and his group smells funny. Biden’s plan below which he has been pushing for some time has drawn everyone’s critizm except the neo and Israeli crowd. And frankly if you take a look at some of the ‘endorsers” of his plan on these sites…you don’t want to be in their company.
    “There is a third way. Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, and I have proposed a five-point plan to keep Iraq together, protect America’s interests and bring our troops home.
    Sectarian violence among Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds is now the major impediment to stability and progress in Iraq. No number of troops can solve that problem. The only way to hold Iraq together and create the conditions for our armed forces to responsibly withdraw is to give Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds incentives to pursue their interests peacefully. That requires a sustainable political settlement, which is the primary objective of our plan.
    The plan would maintain a unified Iraq by decentralizing it and giving Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis breathing room in their own regions – as provided for in the Iraqi constitution. The central government would be responsible for common interests, like border security and the distribution of oil revenues. We would secure support from the Sunnis – who have no oil — by guaranteeing them a proportionate share (about 20 percent) of oil revenues. We would increase economic aid, ask the oil-rich Arab Gulf states to fund it and tie all assistance to the protection of minority rights and the creation of a jobs program. We would convene a regional conference to enlist the support of Iraq’s neighbors and create a Contact Group of the major powers to enforce their commitments. And we would ask our military to draw up plans to responsibly withdraw most U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of 2007 – enough time for the political settlement to take hold.


  9. mark says:

    I agree generally with Senator Biden’s assessment of the “surge” of troops and the situation in Iraq. However,I agreed with Senator Kerry before I agreed with Biden. You see, Senator Kerry has alreadly addressed both issues prior to Biden. Also, as I recall,Sen. Biden’s idea of a three way division in Iraq wasn’t well received by anyone, but a couple of Senator Kerry’s ideas were well received by the Baker Commission. Finally, your comments directed at Senator Kerry are disingenuous. I bet it wouldn’t be hard at all to find something Sen. Biden voted for before he voted against it.


  10. Linda says:

    Watch what Condi wears to the Foreign Relations Committee. I think she will be wearing a serge (pun intended)suit. Two questions? First, can anybody guess the color? Red? White? Probably not blue?
    With so many possible 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls on Foreign Relations Committee, which one will be able to press her for real answers, not let her obfuscate or answer the question she wants to answer rather than the one she’s asked,not allow her to go into her “Are you impugning my intregrity routine?”, and remain calm, cool, polite and not appear to be disrespectful of women or racist?


  11. Matthew says:

    Every morning Biden looks at his wristband and asks himself: What would Neil Kinnock say?


  12. Carroll says:

    Talking about “deserving our attention….
    Jimmy Carter, take a bow.
    Posted by Pissed Off American at December 27, 2006 10:06 AM
    If you want to read something very way out try this Carter bashing editoral in the WSJ..
    According to this writer the Puritans founded America on Jewish principles (I guess everyone has forgotten that Jamestown Va,(1614) not Plymouth Rock, was the home of the real founders of America)…and Carter is not a real “christian” because he critizes Israel and unamerican because after all america was founded by mainly jewish ideals.
    And oh yeah, the US civil war was inspired by jewish principles and in the spirit of the civil war jews left the US to help colonize and reestablish Israel.
    And Carter was a bad president because he didn’t take care of “God’s Chosen People” like President Johnson’s father told him to do.
    Gawd…they get weirder and weirder in appropiating everyone else’s history to justify themselves. If this writer was trying to condemn Carter and defend Israel to the average people on the street with these tales, someone would call the guys in the white coats to come get him.


  13. Easy E says:

    NYTimes, Dec. 26, 2006: U.S. Says Captured Iranians Can Be Linked To Attacks.
    U.S. said Iraq had WMD.
    U.S. said Iraq could nuke us all.
    U.S. said North Vietnamese attacked us in Gulf of Tonkin.
    DÉJÀ VU?



    This is a link to the names of the Gang of Twenty-Nine turncoat Democrats who on 10/10/2002 voted to fund the Iraq invasion.


  15. karenk says:

    It’s a day late and a dollar short for a troop surge-they should have put enough in there in the first place if that was what they were going to do.
    You said the magic word Steve-diplomacy. This Administration seriously needs to develop the fine art of diplomacy. Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy I tell ya. You get far more of what you want in the end with diplomacy than you do by simply pounding someone into submission, yet people still seem to think it’s the weak way. No. It’s the wise way. It’s always worked for me personally and professionally, especially in dealing with more difficult types of people.


  16. Tony Foresta says:

    Only the lockstep partisan truebeliever fanaticus afford the Bush government any good faith, good will, or find some perverted way to believe one single word spewed out of anyone in the Bush government, – and with good reason. The entire office of the execute is peopled with pathological liars, warmongers, profiteers, corporatists, and FASCISTS!!!. The Bush government does not deserve and should not receive one nanoparticle of respect, good will, good faith, or trust from the American people.
    We are lied to and decieved repeatedly and insistantly by the Bush government fascist warmongers and profiteers, who continually operate above, outside, beyond, and in total disdain for the laws of the land and the rule of law.
    The Bush government does not care about America, or Iraq, or the Iraqi or American people, or freedom or democracy, or any of the hollow meaningless parables they pimp on TV. All these fascists care about is their own wealth and power, and the endless commandeering of more wealth and power, – and the people Americans, Iraqi’s, and rest of the civilized world are only assets and digits the ruling regime uses and abuses in rabid pursuit of their fascist designs, – the insane psychotic delusions of the socalled Pax Americana neverendingwar and empire agenda.
    The Bush government is a criminal regime seeking, perpetuating, and profitingly wantonly from WAR.
    War is what they want, and neverendingwar is what we all will be forced to hazard and endure while these criminals remain in power.
    Deliver us from evil.


  17. Marcia says:

    This administration is still playing the same game and everyone reacts in the same manner. They throw out a bone and while the battle of the bone begins they go on to something else.
    Soon the entire budget will be devoted to military projects. The army, missile defense, and then the cherry on the cake, the militarization of space. Cheney’s dream come true, the ability to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime.
    No doubt there will be enough “Democrats” to vote with the Republicans to pass any military spending bill and complete the bankruptcy binge.
    Judging by his previous interventions on committees, counting on Biden to draw in Bush seems wishful thinking, by the time he articulates his question…the day is over and C-Span folds for the night.
    This is no longer a functioning democracy. Reid was trotting right along, marching to the tune. If citizens do not put pressure on Congress how can there be any real change?


  18. Pissed Off American says:

    Talking about “deserving our attention….
    Jimmy Carter, take a bow.


  19. smallrat says:

    according to the latest CNN poll only 11% of Americans support sending more troops to Iraq. This 11% probably represent the absolute bottom-scraping rump of the jeezus-invoking, ayrab-hating, population. So if Bush is trying to set a political trap for the Dems, against this fringe, it only highlights the isolation of Bush’s own position.
    Fox News and the rest of the media ‘surge’ proponents will soon see the folly of their ways once they begin to receive viewer feedback. 2008 is too close to begin messin’ with the wishes of the electorate, methunks


  20. Easy E says:

    INSIDE TV NEWS: We Were Silenced by the Drums of War
    By Jeff Cohen
    t r u t h o u t | Guest Contributor
    Tuesday 26 December 2006
    September 11th made 2001 a defining year in our country’s history. But 2002 may have been the strangest. It began with all eyes on Osama bin Laden and ended with Osama bin Forgotten – as the White House turned its attention to Iraq. Bush’s January 2003 State of the Union speech mentioned Saddam Hussein 17 times, but bin Laden not once.
    Everything about my nine-month stint at cable news channel MSNBC occurred in the context of the ever-intensifying war drums over Iraq. The drums grew louder as D-Day approached, until the din became so deafening that rational journalistic thinking could not occur. Three weeks before the invasion, MSNBC Suits terminated “Donahue,” their most-watched program.
    For 19 weeks, I had appeared in on-air debates almost every afternoon – the last weeks heavily focused on Iraq. I adamantly opposed an invasion. I warned that it would “undermine our coalition with Muslim and Arab countries that we need to [help us] fight Al Qaeda” and would lead to “quagmire.”
    In October 2002, my debate segments were terminated. There was no room for me after MSNBC launched Countdown: Iraq – a daily show that seemed more keen on glamorizing a potential war than scrutinizing or debating it. The show featured retired colonels and generals resembling boys with war toys as they used props, maps and glitzy graphics to spin invasion scenarios. They reminded me of pumped-up ex-football players doing pregame analysis.
    It was excruciating to be silenced while myth and misinformation went unchallenged. Military analysts typically appeared unopposed; they were presented as experts, not advocates. But their closeness to the Pentagon often obstructed independent, skeptical analysis.
    When Hans Blix led UN weapons inspectors back into Iraq in November 2002 after a four-year absence, Countdown: Iraq’s host asked an MSNBC military analyst, “What’s the buzz from the Pentagon about Hans Blix?” The retired colonel declared that Blix was considered “something like the Inspector Clousseau of the weapons of mass destruction inspection program … who will only remember the last thing he was told – and that he’s very malleable.”
    Retired General Barry McCaffrey was the star military analyst on NBC and MSNBC – a hawk who pushed for an invasion every chance he got. (After the war started, McCaffrey crowed, “Thank God for the Abrams tank and the Bradley fighting vehicle.” Unknown to viewers, McCaffrey sat on the board of a military contractor that pocketed millions on the Abrams and Bradley.)
    As the war began, CNN news president Eason Jordan admitted that his network’s military analysts were government-approved:
    “I went to the Pentagon myself several times before the war started. I met with important people there and said, for instance, at CNN, here are the generals we’re thinking of retaining to advise us on the air and off about the war. And we got a big thumbs-up on all of them. That was important.”
    [The idea of] Pentagon-approved analysts calls to mind FAIR’s protest chant: “Two, four, six, eight/Separate the press and state.”
    Besides military analysts, each news network featured “weapons experts” – usually without opposition or balance – to discuss the main justification for war: weapons of mass destruction. The problem for US media was that there was wide disagreement among WMD experts, with many skeptical about an Iraqi threat. The problem only worsened when UN inspectors returned and could not confirm any of the US claims.
    How did MSNBC and other networks solve the problem? Management favored experts who backed the Bush view – and hired several of them as paid analysts. Networks that normally cherished shouting matches were opting for discussions of harmonious unanimity. This made for dull, predictable TV. It also helped lead our nation to war, based on false premises.
    CNN and other outlets featured David Albright, a former UN inspector who repeatedly asserted before the war that Iraq possessed chemical and biological weapons. Asked later about his assertions, Albright pointed his finger at the White House: “I certainly accepted the administration claims on chemical and biological weapons. I figured they were telling the truth.”
    Another CNN expert was former CIA analyst Ken Pollack, who fervently pushed for war. He warned Oprah viewers that Saddam could use WMDs against the US homeland and was “building new capabilities as fast as he can.” Later, he blamed his errant remarks about Iraq’s WMDs on a “consensus” in the intelligence community: “That was not me making that claim; that was me parroting the claims of so-called experts.”
    Not every weapons expert had been wrong. Take ex-Marine and former UN inspector Scott Ritter. In the last months of 2002, he told any audience or journalist who would hear him that Iraqi WMDs represented no threat to our country. “Send in the inspectors,” urged Ritter. “Don’t send in the Marines.”
    It’s telling that in the run-up to the war, no American TV network hired any on-air analysts from among the experts who questioned White House WMD claims. None would hire Ritter.
    Inside MSNBC in 2002, Ritter was the target of a smear that he was receiving covert funds from Saddam Hussein’s government. The slur was obviously aimed at reducing his media appearances. It surfaced like clockwork at MSNBC when we sought to book Ritter as a guest on “Donahue.”
    The irony is that MSNBC at that time regularly featured another commentator who would soon become a recipient of covert government funds. The covert funder was the Bush administration. I’m talking about pundit Armstrong Williams, who pocketed nearly a quarter of a million dollars to promote Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. When I repeatedly debated Williams at MSNBC, I had no inkling of Bush’s No Pundit Left Behind program.
    As war neared, MSNBC Suits turned the screws even tighter on “Donahue.” They decreed that if we booked one guest who was anti-war on Iraq, we needed two who were pro-war. If we booked two guests on the left, we needed three on the right. At one staff meeting, a producer proposed booking Michael Moore and was told she’d need three right-wingers for political balance.
    I thought about proposing Noam Chomsky as a guest, but our stage couldn’t accommodate the 28 right-wingers we would have needed for balance.
    It’s says a lot about TV news that people like Phil Donahue, who correctly questioned the Iraq war, have been banished from the system. Yet I’m unaware of a single TV executive, anchor, pundit or “expert” who lost his job for getting such a huge story so totally wrong. I do know of a hawkish host on MSNBC who was taken off the air – he was kicked upstairs to become the general manager of the channel.
    Many in the media who were the loudest and most dramatically wrong about Iraq have not relinquished their war drums. Today, they target Iran and argue vociferously against withdrawal from Iraq. In corporate media, few are held accountable.


  21. bob h says:

    We are already spending $540 billion a year on our military, and it is showing itself to be an inappropriate tool for combatting terrorists. We do not need a bigger, even more expensive military that is not providing good value as it is.


  22. curt says:

    Ahmadinejad then stated what everyone but the most avid Fox News viewers are starting to conclude, and that is that Some so-called superpowers have gathered together and they think that they can control the whole world. I’m telling them: Open your eyes, today, the world no longer thinks your decisions have any value…By God’s grace, the enemies have not been able to do anything (against Iran) as yet and they will not be able to do anything in the future either,” he said.
    The above comments weren’t made lightly, the Iranian President is well aware of the fact that the power elite in Washington DC cannot afford to allow him to make them look like monkeys, but nonetheless that is exactly what he has successfully done. Another thing the Iranian leader has done that truly has exposed the so-called modern western democracies to the embarrassment they so desperately deserve is to hold the holocaust conference that he did a few weeks ago, and to do so under the provision that it was held because it could not be held in the west, which by the way is an empirical fact. Despite the fact that President Ahmadinejad is the leader of a nation that according to our media suppresses freedom of speech, Ahmadinejad correctly pointed out that it is the west, not Iran, that throws its historians in prison for questioning certain aspects of the holocaust story, not as the media would have you believe, whether or not it occurred, but rather numbers and methods.
    The fact is, not a single holocaust revisionist would state that the Nazis did not persecute Jews during the Second World War, but most of them question the idea that six million were killed or that any of them were gassed at Auschwitz. By holding that conference and by emphasizing the undeniable fact that the so-called modern democracies in the west imprison skeptics, the Iranian President has further highlighted the fact that Bush is a “limp dick.” The media wants you to believe that anyone that would question any aspect of the official holocaust story is crazy and/or a “conspiracy theorist.” The fact is, the reason some people question certain details associated with the holocaust is for exactly the same reason that many people question the “official version” of 9-11, because there are a tremendous amount of perfectly legitimate questions and no forthcoming answers.


  23. TonyForesta says:

    “A diplomatic and political solution could only arise, if America came to the negotiating table from a STRONG MILITARY position.”
    Exactly, – which is totally impossible now because of the radical deceptions, obscene abuses, catastrophic failures, woeful incompetence, and wanton profiteering of the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government.
    Our own military is openly admitting that there are no military options for “winning” or “succeeding” or “victory” in Iraq. The only diplomatic options involve “apeasing” the Iranian backed Shi’a controlling the Iraqi government, and cutting the Kurds into whatever oil revenue sharing deals are possible in this nowin situation.
    America’s military limitations are apparent, obvious, and proven. We spend half a trillion dollars on defense, and cannot defeat militarily insurgents using AK-47’s, RPG’s, and IED’s.
    Nineteen jihadist with box cutters (15 of them Saudi’s) using our own aircraft defeated every office, agency, and individual in the half a trillion dollar defense industry, – every single local and nation police force, and the 44bn defense industry, – while the fascist warmongers and profiteers were derelict in their duties and planning to maraud Iraq’s oil resources. NOT ONE PERSON has been convicted of any charge relating to 9/11.
    Our military limitations are clear and present to anyone capable of recognizing factbasedreality.
    Lockstep partisan, and fanaticus truebelievers bowing to and glorifying the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government continue the perpetuating pathological delusions and obsessive compulsive fixation on the hollow and meaningless promises of some better day, sometime down the road, in some unknown unknown imponderable future, – but the rest of civilized humanity is well aware that the fictions, myths, disinformation, propaganda, and PATENT LIES pimped incessently by the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government are hollow, moot, an utterly devoid of reality.
    There are no military options in Iraq, against Iran, NK, and maybe even in Afghanistan now.
    The fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government have gutted our military, destroyed America’s crediblity or legitimacy everywhere, on every street on the planet, (outside the racist truebeliever lockstep partisan lanes in redneck America), and heaped the terrible, enormous, and expanding costs of the illegal, immoral, unnecessary, noendinsight horrorshow in Iraq on our children.
    There is no possibility of victory, or success, or winning anything in Iraq – because the entire bloody, costly, deceptive, failing, perverted horrorshow is now, always has been, and always will be a CRIME!!!!!
    American must recognize that the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government ghoulishly exploited the horrors and the dead of 9/11, and intentionally decieved America and the world with the regard to the necessity of attacking, occupying, and marauding Iraq.
    America must cut our losses now, work diplomatically with the emerging powers and whatever real allies we may still have, hold the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government accountable and culpable for the long and festering litany of CRIMES against Iraq, the America people, and humanity – and execute and orderly redeployment out of Iraq.
    America must then begin in earnest the difficult and painful process of repairing our standing and credibility as a democracy and nation of laws abiding by and honoring the rule of law, and work to right the fiendish wrongs of the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government.
    A surge, or continuing to stay the course, or refusing to recognize FACTBASEDREALITY might benefit the fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government, – but America today, and our children tomorrow will pay a terrible price for the Bush governments criminal activities in Iraq, here in the land of OZ, and beyond.
    Deliver us from evil.


  24. marky says:

    So you acknowledge that Bush has screwed the pooch, kotz? That’s a good first step.


  25. kotzabasis says:

    Only for opportunist politicians, such as Joe Biden, the war is Bush’s war and not Americas’.
    To consider that “the solution in Iraq and the Middle East” is substantially ” diplomatic”, as the caps indicate, when Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran, will be major players in these negotiations, is utterly doltish and lacks political and historical nous. The Americans, coming from a weak political and military position in Iraq to the negotiating table, will suffer what Karl Marx stated in his book “The Eighteenth of Brumaire”, that whoever one seeks to negotiate with, one acknowledges as master of the situation. A diplomatic and political solution could only arise, if America came to the negotiating table from a STRONG MILITARY position.


  26. Carroll says:

    It’s time for Congress to join with the national security and foreign policy elites to stand up and scream “We have a problem, Houston!”
    Posted by John at December 26, 2006 11:05 PM
    They have always been the problem.
    Anyway, forget it…the US is broke as in BROKE, BUSTED…and neither congress nor most of the public is showing any signs of recongizing that, in fact they just gave themsleves a raise. I advise you to start hording your money and be ready to get out of Dodge. It won’t be pretty here when the common folk can no longer feed themselves, much less support the 200 billion a year goverment employees payroll in DC.


  27. John says:

    Right now the US is spending roughly equal amounts for oil and for national defense (energy security): roughly $1 trillion for the two combined, or 8% of GDP. Cost of defense and cost of oil have both roughly doubled since Bush took office. If current trends continue, the US will be spending 16% of GDP on the two by 2012. Democrats absolutely do need to demand Bush detail his plans for paying for energy and for energy security. Bombing countries into opening their spigots has not worked. It’s time for Congress to join with the national security and foreign policy elites to stand up and scream “We have a problem, Houston!”


  28. susan says:

    if you found your kid playing with a gun would you give him the bullets, too?
    if your friend had had too much to drink at a party, would you toss him the car keys?
    No? then why should we give the Bushling a bigger army? he’s the drunken kid with the gun, after all.


  29. Carroll says:

    Just two weeks ago Biden said we must NEVER talk to Iran …or to translate we must continue to march straight to the quicksand pit in Iraq to prove politicans have balls…and we all know theirs were misplaced at birth.
    I do hate to be so negative but the choices in our leadership have become so absurd I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like some three Stooges skit by your cousins who are also your uncles at a incest descendents reunion.


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