GEORGE BUSH IS WINNING BIG, LEADING IN THE POPULAR VOTE and also pulling in enough electoral votes. Congratulations to my Republican friends.
A huge number of people turned out and want this President. Tom Daschle seems to be going down to defeat. The South is even more consolidated around its fundamentalist friendly politicians, who just expanded in number in the Congress.
I am going to sleep. But a quick set of thoughts, all of which I might later regret. First, I think Gephardt would have at least pulled Missouri. What states — if any — did John Edwards bring in?
Second, Howard Dean avoided, for the most part, hiring the Democratic crowd of Brezhnevian-like advisors who clung like barnacles to previous Democratic administrations. Dean was different, wanted to be different — but Kerry wanted to be the same.
Third, the country feels threatened, and the politics of George Bush sold better than those of John Kerry. i don’t agree with their sentiments, but I understand them.
More tomorrow, but as of right now, George Bush and Laura get to keep their home — and my neighbors who work for the President will probably stick around for a while, the only silver lining for me in the results tonight.
— Steve Clemons