Irony: Going to See <em>Team America: World Police</em> and Winning a Baby Grand Piano


After the election, I explained the outcome of the Bush-Kerry presidential race in part in the language of a vulgar but brilliant movie that had then been released, Team America: World Police.
The favorite line of the terrorist-tracking U.S. global cop puppets was “America: Fuck Yeah!” After watching the John Bolton video a couple of dozen times, I’m wondering whether he actually inspired the slogan. . .and the script.
In any case, this is a bit off-topic, but the night I went to see that film, I ended up winning a baby grand piano that Regal Cinemas and Schaeffer’s Piano had offered as a promotion for a new Washington, DC movie complex.
Piano web.jpg
It took a while to get to Washington — but the piano arrived at my house today. On May 17th, Team America: World Police‘s DVD is released. I think I’m going to host a party that night, keep the DVD running over and over — and ask someone over who can play the piano (I can’t. . .yet).
I think I’m going to ask Condi to play.
That is the only thing I can think of that would make this even more over the top.
Some interesting information just crossed my desk on John Bolton. Should have some of it up tonight.
— Steve Clemons