Iran: Romney Long on Bombast, Short on Strategy


Steve Clemons talks to Chris Matthews about Mitt Romney’s unserious Iran strategy.

Tonight, I participated in a discussion with USIP-Wilson Center Distinguished Scholar and Middle East affairs expert Robin Wright and MSNBC Hardball‘s Chris Matthews

We got into Mitt Romney’s comment that if Obama remains President, Iran
will get the bomb – – and if he, Romney, is elected President, Iran
won’t get the bomb.  This plays pretty close to Senator John McCain’s
“Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” comment in the 2008 presidential race. 
In my view it’s vapid fearmongering and incredibly unpresidential for
someone of Romney’s potential consequence as a national leader not to
talk about the potential consequences and net positives that come with
potential military action. 

If war, or force, are the tools that Mitt Romney first wants to use in dealing with serious national security challenges, then he is not ready to be President of the United States.

— Steve Clemons is Washington Editor at Large at The Atlantic, where this post first appeared. Clemons can be followed on Twitter at @SCClemons


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