Introducing Michael Schiffer Who Will Be TWN’s Iowa Caucus Blogger


I’ve seen Michael Schiffer smile — and by way of this blog entry, I’m encouraging the Stanley Foundation to get a pic of him up showing some teeth.
Michael Schiffer was one of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s superstar national security advisers and was her legislative director. He’s now running the Asia program for the Iowa-based Stanley Foundation.
Through the Iowa Caucuses and perhaps after if I can convince him, he will be posting regularly on the political machinations as he sees them. He’s an insightful and plugged-in political analyst and commentator.
Schiffer admits that he’s out campaigning for Barack Obama now — but he’s temporarily housing a Clinton campaigner — and he said he’s been nice today to some Edwards, Biden, and Richardson partisans.
But more importantly, he just heard Mike Huckabee an hour ago — and I’m anxious for his first post and thoughts on what he heard.
Michael, welcome to the team of The Washington Note and the Note Takers. . .
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Introducing Michael Schiffer Who Will Be TWN’s Iowa Caucus Blogger

  1. Tom says:

    A Fienstien staffer? Sorry, big credibility issues there.


  2. Joe Klein's conscience says:

    That is my question as well. DiFi hasn’t been covering herself in glory lately. She’s fast becoming a Lieber-crat(if she isn’t already there).


  3. Barry says:

    I don’t know whether it is within Mr. Schiffer’s mandate or his comfort zone, but I’d like to hear something about what makes Dianne Feistein run. She joined Sen. Schumer in rushing to cave in on the Mukasey appointment and has otherwise seemed extremely, well, republican, especially considering what state she represents. What motivates her? Is she really in tune with her constituency?


  4. Robert Morrow says:

    There is a real chance that Hillary will finish THIRD in BOTH Iowa and New Hampshire. And if the 1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year does that her campaign and her broomstick will be in tatters on the morning of January 9th.
    South Carolina blacks are waiting to see what the “white folks” in Iowa and NH think about Obama and if the “white folks” give the thumbs up to Obama and dismiss Hillary … well, it could get real ugly for Hillary in South Carolina.
    By the way, I think Hillary’s fundraising is sucking wind in the 4th quarter as well, after a disastrous 2 months, chaos in her campaign’s inner circle with the typical screamers and sewer-mouthed backstabbers.
    Matt Bai is correct; this Demo primary is a referendum on the Clintons and the voters are all lined up for a CHANGE ELECTION as Hillary is dive bombing her broomstick into a snowy cornfield in Iowa.


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