Interview on Tulsa National Public Radio Affiliate Show Today, “Studio Tulsa”


I had a great evening speaking to members of the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations last night and even ran into a high school pal of James Woolsey, also from Tulsa, who has some of the same concerns I do about our former CIA Director who has benefited too much financially in my view from our war against Iraq and terrorists in general.
For those interested, I did a pretty long interview with Rich Fisher of a show called “Studio Tulsa” on U.S. foreign policy. It will air live at 11:30 am Central time, or 12:30 pm for those of you in the Eastern time zone. The rest of you in Vegas or Seattle have to calculate the time yourselves. My clock is still in Tel Aviv.
The podcast will be available tomorrow for download from the NPR affiliate’s website.
I’m flying to Westchester, New York today to attend a retreat at Pocantico that is focusing on the next steps in a major national effort titled “US in the World.” Check it out.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons