CARL LEVIN GOES AFTER DOUGLAS FEITH IN A NEW REPORT drafted by the minority staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee accusing the Defense Undersecretary of misleading, well really lying to, Congress.
In the New York Times Douglas Jehl reports:
The report said a classified document prepared by Douglas J. Feith, the under secretary of defense for policy, not only asserted that there were ties between the Baghdad government and the terrorist network, but also did not reflect accurately the intelligence agencies’ assessment – even while claiming that it did.
In issuing the report, the senator, Carl M. Levin, the senior Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, said he would ask the panel to take “appropriate action” against Mr. Feith. Senator Levin said Mr. Feith had repeatedly described the ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda as far more significant and extensive than the intelligence agencies had.

I have been uncomfortable with the fact that I have been one of many voices, indeed I think a majority, who can’t believe that Douglas Feith still has his job. I’m a natural contrarian, or at least perceive myself to be.
So, now I need to spring to Douglas Feith’s defense for a moment. Isn’t it possible that Feith is the Lyndie England of the Hussein-al Qaeda connection story? Well, if not Lyndie England — then at least only a henchman for far more powerful pols who have been devoted to perpetuating this connection between not only Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda — but Saddam Hussein and 9/11?
The Alpha-dog at the top of this chain is Vice President Cheney. Isn’t Feith’s best defense regarding his obfuscation of facts, distortions and lies to Congress that he was just doing what his big boss, Dick Cheney, was doing?
But on the other hand, if Lyndie England and her young friends who are undeservedly being shackled with the entire responsibility for Abu Ghraib as Rumsfeld enjoys the perks of being above it all, then I’m all for Doug Feith spending some time paying for his sins too.
— Steve Clemons