A FLOOD OF EMAILS HAS COME IN REGARDING BILL CONDON’S KINSEY film, which depicts the life and times of Indiana University sex researcher Alfred Kinsey and stars Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, John Lithgow, Peter Sarsgaard, and others.
An enterprising reader of The Washington Note has reported that the email to write to to ask Fox Searchlight Productions to release Kinsey early is
A.O. Scott, the chief film critic of the New York Times, has published today a terrific, balanced book review of T.C. Boyle’s The Inner Circle, a fictional treatment of Kinsey, his research, his researchers, and the politics of sex in the 1940s. The book seems to track well with much of the film — but is not identical. The review is worth a read, and perhaps the book too.
But the film is a must. It has a profoundly important political message and conveys the battle then between science and dogma that is unfolding again in this early part of America’s next century.
Send Fox a note:
— Steve Clemons