ALL MORNING, I HAVE BEEN SEETHING AS FOX & FRIENDS has crowed about the Killian memos, which CBS is apparently about to acknowledge as fraudulent.
Bush’s team has been engaged in duplicity, obfuscation, the expansion of official secrecy to anti-democratic levels — and now the critics are undone by fraud on their side.
This is not good.
The targets are so easy, so evident — it seems to me — among Bush and his administration that contrived documents and memories will only backfire and undermine the credibility of Bush’s critics.
I don’t want to mention the individual’s name, but I have had interaction with a New York Times writer and another prominent journalist over the credibility problems of an unnamed person who remembers George Bush’s academic activities long ago. I can’t say for sure, but this individual’s memories seemed too vivid and too out of sync with many other voluminous recollections he had of rather minimal encounters with Bush to be deemed credible, in my view.
The demonstration of Bush’s serious character and credibility flaws needs to be done honestly, and those of us commenting on those matters can’t make the illegitimate credible.
— Steve Clemons