cheney boo.jpg
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. kotzabasis says:

    For the left, and nipple-fed cognoscenti a la Clemons, if monsters did not exist on the political constellation of the United States they have to be invented, this time in the persona of Cheney. Their arguments are so unconvincing that they need scarecrows to make them sound convincing.


  2. annie, oakley and buddy says:

    Buddy: Look Annie! Steve hasn’t posted a picture of us in ages, and now he’s got a picture of a jackass!
    Annie: Hush up kid! Its Hallowe’en — have you even seen what people make us do for pictures at hallowe’en?
    Oakley: yeah, check this out buddy…http://www.dogsinduds.com/2008/dogs-are-natures-jester/
    Buddy: uh, okay guys…


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