George Allen May LOSE to Jim Webb


What a night! 99% of precincts reporting and James Webb now leads George Allen by about 2,500 votes.
Mixed feelings on this one. A while back I hoped that George Allen would hold himself together long enough politically to challenge John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination (and win).
Dems stand a much better chance against George Allen than John McCain, but Allen seemed to be self-destructing too early.
If Dems take Virginia and Montana — while keeping Maryland which CNN still projects Dems will win — if my vote count is correct (and it’s late) — then I think the Dems get 51 seats in the Senate.
Wow. Need to go count again.

— Steve Clemons


15 comments on “George Allen May LOSE to Jim Webb

  1. Nell says:

    Take a lesson from honest, principled leaders like Jim Webb. If you oppose John McCain, then oppose him directly, on the merits. Lose your DC-induced tendency to look for the indirect, triangulating method. Grow a spine.
    John McCain is a warmongering blowhard, whose “moderate” cred is wearing very thin. Deal with it. Talk about it openly and criticize it. Quit seeking a way to have other people do your political work for you.
    “Mixed feelings” about having Jim Webb in the Senate, which means a Democratic majority? You sicken me.


  2. supermonanon says:

    One thing I learned in 68 years – NEVER cast a ballot for a candidate whom you cannot envision in the office. The Georgia GOP back in the 70’s encouraged Rep’s to cross over to the Dem priamry and vote for Lester Maddox, a loony racist, “because he would be so easy for Bo Callaway to beat”. we spent the next few years learning to say “Governor Maddox”.


  3. Frank says:

    I hear that a “macaca man special”, is the name of a new creme de cocoa ingredient cocktail drink now being served at elegant DC night spots..A “brandy allen” name did not have that special ring that makes a bar tender’s life so rewarding when mixing drinks. Hey, that kind of immortality transcends office tenure, and is to be devilishly envied.


  4. MP says:

    Steve: I think the kind of “bank shot” strategy you had in mind mostly works in one’s mind. It can’t be planned out and counted on. And you always risk the bad guy actually winning; and he could, depending on who the Dems put up and the country’s mood and world events at the time the election is held.


  5. Alex says:

    I have a feeling that if the Dems keep the the public eye for the next 2 years focused on investigations of BushCo, the Abramhoff corruption, war profiteering, and corporate greed, then there’s a good chance the 08 Rep candidate will be sunk.


  6. simple says:

    Steve: Don’t think too much.
    George Allen is mean and evil at the comic-book level. You don’t want to wish power into his hands for any reason.
    McCain continues to be loudly and publicly wrong on Iraq and many other issues. If the Democrats can’t beat him, they don’t deserve the presidency.
    If I can’t have instant justice, I’ll settle for incremental improvements: Allen gone? Good. McCain gone? Better.


  7. Corinne says:

    George Allen is damaged goods. There’s no way he can be a credible candidate in 2008.


  8. J. says:

    Allen can still go to challenge McCain in 2008, it would be a tougher issue for him to tackle, but his arrogance would probably permit it. We can only hope…


  9. Alex says:

    As far as McCain’s ambitions go, he’s been too aligned with Shrub the past 6 years and that will not play well since it will be a reminder of the failures of the Bush presidency.
    The Reps will change course completely for a candidate in 08.
    Don’t expect any of the “names” you see today.
    Ps: There might a move to rename Abu Ghraib to GW Bush Correctional Facility as a reminder of the failure of this administration.
    Bring on the impeachment (Cheney first).


  10. Alex says:

    VA still has to count absentee ballots (about 33,000 according to CNN) on Wednesday.


  11. Dirk says:

    I’ve just heard that if the margin is within .5% that the state pays for the recount and if it is within 1% that the challenging party must pay for the recount. I don’t now if this is true or not.
    With Lieberman being counted on the Dem side I would feel much better with a 51-49 edge.


  12. Robert Morrow says:

    There are a LOT of Republicans that basically can’t stand John McCain. I have big doubts about whether he can make it out of a Repub. primary. I’m sure not backing the guy.


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