Gallup Tracking Poll Shows 5 Point Spread


It will be interesting to measure reality with Gallup’s latest tracking poll showing Hillary Clinton ahead of Obama by 5%. I’ve grown very skeptical of polls (again) — so take with a grain of salt. We’ll all know tonight how things shape up.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Gallup Tracking Poll Shows 5 Point Spread

  1. Ajaz says:

    Ah the polls. How can they be so wrong so often?


  2. Dan Kervick says:

    The thing that has puzzled me about some of the poll reporting over the past few weeks is the undue media attention to the aggregate national results. Throughout the campaign we have seen the same phenomenon: Clinton was the early front runner and was far ahead in most states. Then as the campaign has moved from one state to another, the race tightened considerably in those particular states, while Clinton held her lead in the states where the race was not yet being contested. Clinton won two states and Obama won two. What I would be more interested in seeing today is how the race shapes up in the Super Tuesday states specifically, since that is where the race is being contested.


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