Lawrence Wilkerson Has More to Say on White House National Security Decision Making Quagmire


wilkerson event 024.jpg
Lawrence Wilkerson has been in the news a lot because of the no-nonsense framing he has given to discussion of the Vice President’s role in detainee abuse; the manner in which the U.S. military has been wrecked by this administration; and by the depiction of a Cheney-Rumsfeld “cabal” in the White House that Condoleeza Rice deferred to in order to build “intimacy” with the President.
However, Wilkerson’s comments don’t just depict the sorry state of affairs in the White House — he has serious thoughts about reforming the system we have. It’s easy to bitch and complain — but tougher to put a better idea on the table, and Wilkerson has been working on exactly that.
Tonight, you can catch Col. Wilkerson on the national public radio station, Open Source with Christopher Lydon, from 7 til 8 p.m.
You can also post your comments for Wilkerson on this site (just scroll down).
More soon.
— Steve Clemons