Explaining What is About to Happen: When a 10-8 Vote is REALLY 9-9


Senator Lugar is not going to allow a vote on John Bolton in the Committee. We will get no 9-9 tie because Lugar won’t allow a loss, or stalemate.
What will happen shortly is that Lugar will move that the committee report the nomination to the floor without recommendation. That nomination will pass 10-8, on a party line vote.
According to a source close to the action, “A lot of people misunderstand what a “neutral recommendation” means. It does not mean that the vote was tied. It means literally that a motion is made that the nomination be sent to the floor without recommendation. The Committee could also theoretically report the nomination to the floor with a negative recommendation.”
Unfortunately, it appears that Voinovich, although he will vote no on the floor, is not insisting that the committee report out the nomination with a negative recommendation.
According to my source, “If Voinovich were to make THAT motion, it would probably fail, with 9 Republicans voting against, and Dems having to decide whether to send it to the floor with a negative recommendation, or whether to vote against the motion to keep the nomination in committee.”
The Committee is ducking here, but that’s ok.
This is going to be a great fight — lots more room to squeeze the issues out and compel the White House to defend a flawed and damaged Bolton nomination.
So, stay tuned — lots and lots more ahead.
And by the way, victory is preempting the Committee’s recommendation to confirm John Bolton.
The tide turned our way today.
— Steve Clemons