DoD Makes Small Step In Right Direction: Mentally Disordered Gays Now Not Disordered


A small win for the good side.
I wrote last week about Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s personal views on gay people being at odds with an outrageous practice in the Pentagon that still classified homosexuals as “mentally disordered.”
A blogger buddy who has been covering this has just learned that the Department of Defense has stopped that practice. It doesn’t change the ridiculous policy of “Dont Ask, Don’t Tell”, but it’s progress.
I should be back in the U.S. on Thursday.
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “DoD Makes Small Step In Right Direction: Mentally Disordered Gays Now Not Disordered

  1. yoyo says:

    Your writing, and the initial sounding reasonable, very critical and did not really take some time, I am perfect. Somewhere within the paragraphs you really can make me, but only while a believer. I still have a problem with your logic jump, you can do good to help fill those gaps. If you really can achieve this, I will eventually be hooked.


  2. wake up world says:

    Hilter killed jews,Saddam killed musliums,God killed gays.All of these actions are evil and anyone that suports any of them is quite simpley brainwashed.


  3. Pissed Off American says:

    Hmmmm. Interesting, this term “mentally disordered”. It sure could encompass a whole hell of a lot of abominational character traits and behaviors, could it not???
    Has anyone else ever pondered the demeanor and body language of the key players in Washington these days??? Bush’s swaggering trudge when approaching the podium, invoking thoughts of Little Lord Fauntreloy??? How about the insipid wormlike texture that Tom Delay always wears, like he has been sanded smooth, then coated with clear poly-styrene??? Or, good God, who can fail to notice the un-natural and carefully cultivated “quaintness” of Rumsfeld’s demeanor??? The list goes on and on. These are ALL people that, if seen in a natural setting, (such as a nieghbor’s BBQ), we would run screaming from, imploring said nieghbor to ban such human atrocities from further gatherings.
    I mean REALLY. Watch them carefully when next you see one of their skits. These are some seriously fucked up people, and all they have to do is walk across the room, or utter one single sentence, and their undeniable behavioral eccentricities become blatantly exposed.
    “Mentally disordered” indeed. Describes most of Washington these days, does it not? Must be something in the air.


  4. vaughan says:

    I just wish these inane state initiatives to amend states’ constitutions to outlaw gay unions would all die miserable deaths. Very frustrating.


  5. ref says:

    It was announced yesterday, Punchy, old bean.


  6. Punchy says:

    Cannot wait to see the response of the zealots in the Dobson camp. I’m sure the reason this was announced today was so that it’d be hidden by the Hamden verdict.


  7. belle says:

    “mentally disordered” should be rightfully replaced by “abomination unto God”


  8. Finest says:

    Will this stop the practice in Rummy’s office of ‘Don’t Ask, Just Tell Steve Clemons’. Still can’t figure out just how we know they are homosexual, bisexual, bi-curious, maybe even TV-curious. This is real important with all those road-side bombs goin’ off.


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