Did Pakistan Help or Hinder? Both?


david corn white house twn 2.jpgThis just in on David Corn’s twitter feed:

Carney saying Pakistan has been helpful in general re aQ, including info used for OBL raid. #whbrief

Key words here are “in general”.
This interests me a great deal because a couple of sources the night the raid became known told me that Pakistan had helped. As time went on, it became clear that the US government had kept word of the operation away from everyone. So, what “help” means in this case is suspicious.
It seems that just like some in the Pakistan government are allies of the US in a war against the Taliban in both Pakistan and Afghanistan while others are on the opposite side, there are going to be some American government officials who kick Pakistan hard for its apparent duplicity on bin Laden while others give Pakistan an embrace for the “help” it provided.
Is it not time for LeCarre to get into this?
— Steve Clemons


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