Delta Airlines Needs to Stamp Out Racial Discrimination


The kind of discrimination against Muslims — in this case on Delta Airlines — is going on all around the country.
In this case, two Imams dressed in traditional outfits were removed from a Delta flight by the captain. The irony here is that they were flying to a conference on religious tolerance.
The anchor on the show above said that there was a statement from Delta on the incident on the WBTV website, but I have been unable to find it.
This kind of discrimination triggers anger and frustration in the community being targeted. It’s wrong — and Delta and other airlines need to educate their people and set standards for tolerance. The pilot in this case was wrong — and Delta really needs to find a way to make this a “learning moment” among its staff.
— Steve Clemons
Editor’s Note: h/t to ThinkProgress.


2 comments on “Delta Airlines Needs to Stamp Out Racial Discrimination

  1. Cee says:

    I’m stunned that nobody on the plane voiced a peep
    of protest at their removal.
    Nazi portrayals of Jews, Yusuf points out, bear a
    disturbing resemblance to modern portrayals of


  2. Don Roszel says:

    As a retired chief pilot for a major airline, I find the action of these Delta pilots both unfortunate and “somewhat typical”. I say “somewhat typical” because, in my experience, there is in political leanings of the commercial pilot population a not insignificant right wing component. It is my opinion that these two Delta pilots should be discharged for cause.


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