Deeper Meaning Behind Joe Lockhart’s Move to Facebook?


Facebook is going cosmic — and getting more politically postured. Nothing wrong with that.
Politico just broke that Facebook had confirmed that former Bil Clinton spokesman and major domo at Glover Park Group Joe Lockhart is becoming VP for Corporate Communications at Facebook.
I love Facebook — and am a fan of Lockhart. Now who will they balance him out with? Sarah Palin maybe? Let’s wait and see. . .
One last thought.
It used to be that the new media and communications geniuses that lived in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and up in Portland and Seattle rightfully felt that they were doing more to change the world than anything Washington was doing.
When firms begin hiring political heavyweights — it’s a clear sign that their orientation and sense of unbridled, government-be-damned confidence is changing.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Deeper Meaning Behind Joe Lockhart’s Move to Facebook?

  1. Dan Kervick says:

    “Nothing wrong with that.”
    Sure. There is nothing wrong with massively wealthy corporations buying available political whores-for-hire so that they can get their own insider influence and ownership stake in the institutions that we once hoped would be part of a democratic government.


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