DC Goes to Obama


I have no idea whether either Obama or Clinton promised to secure real voting rights for residents of the District of Columbia — but if it hasn’t come up, someone better get it on the to do list if a Dem wins the White House.
And as far as DC is concerned, my neighbors just gave Obama the nod.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Mr.Murder says:

    The GOP doesn’t wish to surrender two Senate seats.
    Even though DC surpasses Wyoming in population.


  2. More Axe says:

    Obama talked about voting rights when Rep. Holmes-Norton endorsed him yesterday.
    Interestingly, I also heard Huckabee is for DC voting rights.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    (I had to edit the following email to get it to post. I removed content due to the number of links, but none of the posted content has been altered.)
    It is time to wise up, and realize that until we fix the process we cannot be assured that the winning candidates were truly chosen by the people. The feckless cheerleaduing I see here is pathetic in its naivete. People, we could end up with a President that is completely polar to the majority’s design. If they can disenfranchise 94,000 voters IN ONE COUNTY during a primary, just think of the numbers that could possibly be disenfranchised during the actual election.
    It is truly shameful that these God damned cowards abandoned John Conyers’ efforts to secure our votes. Both Hillary and Obama IGNORED Conyers’ efforts, and quietly stood on the siedelines as Conyers “hearings” were consigned to a basement anteroom. When are we going to learn? Here these two abandoned us, yet as a reward one of the two may end up being President. Or worse, their total failure to secure the people’s vote may have enabled the likes of McCain or this freak job religious wacko Huckabee to slime their way into the Oval Office. We need to start standing up for ourselves, or just give it up, drop our drawers, and start paying our taxes with jars of petroleum jelly.
    Dear XXXX,
    We warned Los Angeles County about the impending trouble with the “double bubble.” Now, the Sacramento Bee editorial board is calling it “a major voting disaster.” And there is speculation that the outcome could change how many delegates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama receive in California.
    94,500. That’s roughly how many people in Los Angeles County voted for Obama and Clinton on Super Tuesday, only to see their votes go uncounted by the now infamous — and fatally flawed — “double bubble” ballot.
    Here’s the bad news: Despite a record-breaking turnout of 189,000 voters registered as “Decline-to-State” (DTS), Dean Logan, L.A.’s Registrar of Voters, is still refusing to physically hand-count these ballots, effectively disenfranchising 94,500 — at least HALF — of DTS voters because they didn’t fill in an extra, redundant bubble before voting for President.
    Time is running out to change Dean Logan’s mind. Over 22,000 people like you have signed our “Count Every Vote” petition in just a matter of days. To help the Courage Campaign deliver as many signatures as possible directly to Dean Logan, please forward this link to your friends immediately:
    Calling it “a major voting disaster” and a “raw deal” for Decline-to-State voters, the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board puts “94,500” in perspective:
    “The scale of disenfranchisement is huge – 94,500 of 189,000 decline-to-state votes. That’s half of the nonpartisan ballots. By comparison, in the infamous Florida “butterfly ballot” debacle in the 2000 presidential election, 19,120 Palm Beach County ballots went uncounted because of the bad ballot design.”
    That’s right. Five times as many voters are now being disenfranchised than in Palm Beach County’s “hanging chad” catastrophe of 2000. The only difference is that Dean Logan, the L.A. County registrar, knew this would happen ahead of time — because a lawyer for the Courage Campaign warned him in a detailed letter prior to the primary.
    22,225 (and growing). That’s the astounding number of people who have signed the “Count Every Vote” petition so far, building a movement for election integrity that could become our largest signature-gathering campaign ever. Please tell your friends, family and fellow activists about our campaign to demand that Dean Logan count every vote today:
    Excited by the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, an unprecedented number of Decline-to-State voters rushed to the polls last Tuesday to vote in the Democratic Party primary. But at least HALF of these voters in Los Angeles County — 20% of the electorate in the largest election jurisdiction in America — are now finding out that their vote was rejected because they “failed” to fill out a meaningless bubble on a confusing ballot.
    We don’t know if — as the Los Angeles Daily News speculated — the “double bubble” debacle “could affect the number of delegates each candidate gets — potentially determining the Democratic nominee for president.” We do know that, no matter the speculation, we can’t take one vote for granted.


  4. DonS says:

    . . . they’ve been trying to do it since I lived in D.C. for a decade. And that was more than a couple of decades ago.


  5. Linda says:

    With a Democratic President and veto-proof Congress, Democrats will be able to give DC’s reps the voting rights they and DC residents deserve. They have been trying to do this for over a decade. The deal that failed in this Congress included giving one more rep in the House to Utah to win over Hatch–and that failed. Hopefully they can do it in 2009 without having to give Utah anything.


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