Dave Meyer is Blog Meister this Week and a Part of a Very Cool Guest Blog Roster


I may occasionally check in while on vacation, but TWN readers are in for a treat this week. When I travel, I try to invite a diverse group to consider blogging about whatever moves them, in a diverse set of areas.
Below you will find a list of former government officials, historians, journalists, dramatists, thinkers, political strategists. This is a partial list. Some may not follow through. Others will certainly appear whom I didn’t have the opportunity to include on this roster.
I can’t link all of them or even tell you what they all do right now as I’m rushing to a meeting. Enjoy this diverse week of perspectives.
Some of the Guest Bloggers for The Washington Note:

Nir Rosen, New America Foundation
Former Senator Gary Hart, University of Colorado
Julia Sweig, Council on Foreign Relations
Leo Hindery, Cable Czar and author, It Takes a CEO
Mark Schmitt, New America Foundation
Peter Trubowitz, University of Texas/Austin
Charles Kupchan, Georgetown University
Alex Steffler, brilliant student in Latin America, GW University
Joe Trippi, political strategist and web organizing guru
Arianna Huffington, Huffpost.com and excellent truth-teller
Trevor Potter, Caplin & Drysdale and Former Chairman of the Federal Elections Commission
Chuck Pena, Coalition for a Realtistic Foreign Policy and MSNBC
Marcus Noland, Institute for International Economics
Flynt Leverett, Former Bush Administration National Security Council Official and Brookings Institution
Darci Tucker, historical dramatist and interpreter
Yosri Fouda/Giles Trendle, Al Jazeera London
Brent Budowsky, former national security official
Laura Rozen, www.WarandPiece.com
Scott Paul, Citizens for Global Solutions
Annie Bardach, The Media Project, UC Santa Barbara and journalist
Mark Goldberg, The American Prospect
Jim Pinkerton, Newsday, Fox News Channel, and New America Foundation
Robert Schlesinger, freelance journalist
Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor, The Nation
James Zogby, Arab American Institute
Ted Widmer, Brown University and Clinton Speech Writer
Clyde Prestowitz, Economic Strategy Institute
Jeffrey Trammell, President of Trammell & Co.; Democratic party strategist and former Sr. Advisor to Al Gore
Cem Oezdemir, Member/Germany, European Parliament
Jeffrey Winters (in Jakarta), Northwestern University
Julian Sanchez, Reason Magazine
Merrill Goozner, former Washington Bureau Chief, Chicago Tribune and blogger at GoozNews
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, Washington Bureau Chief, Die Zeit
Rich Tafel, minister and organizational consultant; former President, Log Cabin Republicans
Mark Lagon, Department of State (still being cleared — but hope he can)
Gara LaMarche, Open Society Institute and eclectic blogger at Garalog
The Hon. Dave McCurdy, President, Electronic Industries Alliance and former Member of Congress
Jeff Legro, University of Virginia
007, anonymous intelligence type — very cool and very smart
Joe Stork, Human Rights Watch
Richard Weitz, Hudson Institute
Scott McConnell, Editor in Chief, The American Conservative
Johanna Mendelson Forman, CSIS
Anatol Lieven, New America Foundation
Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Harvard University
Jeremy Kahn, The New Republic
Matt Stoller, MyDD.com
Garance Franke-Rupta, The American Prospect
Will Gartshore, Stage Actor; Winner of the 2006 Helen Hayes Award; and blogger at The Itinerant Canuck
Edith Terry, Managing Director, Cotton Tree Productions (Hong Kong) and journalist
Karen Greenberg, Executive Director, Center on Law & Security, New York University; co-editor, The Torture Papers and novelist
Andrew Moravcsik, Princeton University
Jon Wolfsthal, Non-proliferation wunderkind, CSIS

Thanks to all. Rushing off now.
There will be others, one of whom I hope will be George Soros who may blog about his new book coming out June 12th titled The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror.
Be nice to Dave Meyer.

— Steve Clemons

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