C-Span Will Cover “Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy 2006” Conference — LIVE on Monday, 30 January


Here is the final schedule for Monday’s forum that my colleagues and I have organized titled “The Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy 2006“.
The meeting will take place from 8:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. on Monday, January 30th, in the SD-G50 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.
Among those speaking are General Wesley Clark, former National Review Editor-in-Chief and Hudson Institute Senior Fellow John O’Sullivan, TWN blogger and New America Foundation foreign policy programs director Steve Clemons, CNN Terrorism Analyst and bin Laden tracker Peter Bergen, New America Foundation Senior Research Fellow Anatol Lieven, Whitehead Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation Michael Lind, Scowcroft Group Partner and former senior State Department oficial Kevin Nealer, Nixon Center President and National Interest publisher Dimitri Simes, Albright Group Partner and former Counsel to the Secretary of State as well Special Presidential Envoy on North Korea matters Wendy Sherman, former Special Advisor to President Clinton and political journalist Sidney Blumenthal, World Policy Journal founding editor and New America Foundation Global Middle Class Program Sherle Schwenninger and Economic Strategy Institute President and former Reagan administration senior official Clyde Prestowitz.
C-Span will be covering the entire conference LIVE. However, we have learned that the progam will most likely appear on C-Span 3, which is usually available with many digital television packages — and also available for live streaming over any PC.
This will be a significant foreign policy discussion — that I think will have some impact on the journalistic environment just preceding the President’s Tuesday night State of the Union address.
So, please join us — in person or over C-Span — for a discussion of the “Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy 2006″.
My comments will be one of the first two in the conference — and I’m paired with former National Review editor-in-chief John O’Sullivan.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons