C-Span, Reuters and Zogby Team on Tracking Polls


For those who want to watch the daily ticks in who’s up and who’s up less in the early primaries, this may be useful news:

Reuters, C-SPAN and Zogby International have joined forces to poll Americans on the 2008 presidential election, starting with polls in the key U.S. presidential primary and caucus states.
The effort will kick off on Dec. 30 with daily tracking polls from Iowa ahead of that state’s caucuses scheduled for Jan. 3. Daily tracking polls from New Hampshire will begin on Jan. 4 ahead of that state’s Jan. 8 primary. The polling will continue through the general election in November.
All polls will be released at 7 a.m. EST across the major platforms of Reuters and C-SPAN. Full poll questionnaires and methodologies will be available on Zogby.com.

Not sure yet how much of this I will regularly cover. I may just wake up on January 3rd and see where things are that day. . .these caucuses and primaries are way too early.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “C-Span, Reuters and Zogby Team on Tracking Polls

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Zogby used slanted wording in his polls, tried to shap perception in bush’s favor as best I could determine in ’03 and ’04 on Nat’l Security items.
    Echo chamber material.
    Now he’s under Nixon stoolie Brian Lamb’s wing at CSpam. Birds of a feather…


  2. Kate says:

    It seems to me that the Zogby polls are notoriously unreliable. I wonder how useful that organization will be in providing an accurate assessment of potential results.


  3. Dennis says:

    The media can poll all it wants, but until there is a chance for the responder to say, “none of the above”, the poll will not reflect how the American people really feel about the candidates – who are products more of advertising than anything else – and their government.
    You don’t have to be a blind conservative not to see it, just an ignorant one to deny it.


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