Congrats to Avaaz: Stop the Clash of Civilizations


Avaaz is essentially the global version of — and in the short year or so that its organizers and constituents have been kicking up the spotlight on international problems, they have accomplished much.
I’m particularly supportive of Avaaz’s efforts on a Gaza ceasefire.
But while I find Avaaz’s YouTube video “Stop the Clash of Civilizations” creative and compelling — Obama Girl definitely deserved a category of her own in the 2nd Annual YouTube Video Awards.
Avaaz beat Amber Lee “Obama Girl” Ettinger in the political category.
Congrats to Avaaz. Keep making the videos — but I hope Obama Girl keeps spoofing our political scene.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Congrats to Avaaz: Stop the Clash of Civilizations

  1. JohnH says:

    Bravo to Avaaz! Seems to me that Avaaz’ message of bridging our differences is entirely consistent with Obama’s.
    Maybe Steve could enlighten us as to the rough percentage of people in Congress and in high government positions (Clinton and Bush administrations) that share Avaaz view. And what percentage are simply intent on projecting US power/domination to get at those mysteriously unnamed vital strategic interests?
    Polling the powerful should be easy: those who dare not publicly name the “vital strategic interests” or spell out America’s real agenda are those opposed to reconciliation.


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