Condi Preparing for Battle with Bolton


Yes, I know. Rice said that John Bolton was her “first choice” as the nominee for American Ambassador to the U.N.
Appearances are sooo important in this town. What we know is that Bolton was on Condi’s “No way, Never List” as Deputy Secretary of State — and that Cheney’s obsession with getting Bolton well-placed produced a compromise decision on the U.N.
But Condi is now working quickly to outflank Bolton even before he is confirmed, which I hope the President reconsiders with all of the material this blog and others is going to generate on why this is such a tremendously bad appointment.
On Friday, Condoleeza Rice announced the selection of Shirin Tahir-Kheli as Senior Adviser to the Secretary of State on United Nations Reform. I guess it’s good to have her own person feeding her perspectives on how to shape up the United Nations that depending on Bolton and his team.
Come to think of it, why not just make Shirin Tahir-Kheli our Ambassador?
— Steve Clemons