Chris Matthews Pretty Cool About Train-Jumping


chris matthews-trainhopping.jpg
(Hardball‘s Chris Matthews from the back departing a broken down train and traversing a bridge to another train parked alongside)
This may seem like a silly post — but it isn’t. Train breakdowns are big problems in the Northeast corridor.
I missed a meeting with Senators George Voinovich and Barbara Mikulski today on a visa policy project I have been working on so that I could get up to New York for a debate I am engaging in tonight on whether we should talk to Iran — or bomb it — with Hillel Fradkin of the Hudson Institute and Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute. The Cato Institute’s Justin Logan will be participating as well and on the side of “talk” before “bomb.”
With the snow and sleet hitting the Northeast, I thought it would be prudent to get up there early — and it was. Lee Feinstein of the Council on Foreign Relations and Matthew Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy are coincidentally on the same train.
And so was Chris Matthews.
Our Acela train broke down somewhere short of Wilmington, Delaware — and not too long after we were train-hopping across a little metal bridge between our train and one of AMTRAK’s regionals.
High drama, kind of, on the Northeast corridor. Matthews, who was standing next to me, seemed sort of happy with the mess. Not quite Keanu Reeves in Speed but we did jump trains!
We are moving again. . .More later.
See those of you attending the debate at CUNY tonight — and the rest of you weathering the storm at the Dirksen Senate Office Building for tomorrow’s Iran conference in Washington.
— Steve Clemons


16 comments on “Chris Matthews Pretty Cool About Train-Jumping

  1. Bullet Train says:

    Train system can be improved by the introdution of Japanese Shinkansen or bullet train technologies. It can contribute to the energy savings in the eastern corridor of the American continent.
    The system can be completed in the United States because there are vast stretch of land mass though the train runs through crowded terrain in the island country Japan.


  2. karenk says:

    Hey Steve, if possible, give a little notice to us regarding these type conferences. This one looked good and I’d have stopped in but too little notice, dude…


  3. fatbear says:

    David – for the future (I take the Acela lots), do you have a note of the bus company’s name?


  4. David says:

    Steve — thanks for the blog and your hard work, which is probably interesting for you as well. I have a brief Amtrak disruption story. A couple of months ago I was bound for Philadelphia from Washington, on a Friday evening. The train stopped in New Carrolton; it seems a freight train had derailed farther up the track, and no trains were going forward that night. Amtrak offered to take everyone back to Washington, where we’d be on our own. Everyone milled about, headscratching about the alternatives, which were scant. Meanwhile, a woman who had a friend who owned a charter bus company was making some calls, and she rounded up a bus to take 50 of us (first come first served, and I happened to be nearby so I was amongst the first) to Philadelphia or New York, for $50 a pop. We were even able to watch a movie on the way. A nice solution, and, if you like, profit motive driven as well.


  5. HamnCheeseSammy says:

    Bomb Iran?
    I am quite certain that Al-Maliki (Al-Dawa) and Al-Hakim (SCIRI) will be helping the US with targeting.
    Bob Baer:
    “There is such dementia in this country that people can’t remember what happened in the last five minutes, never mind 20 years ago,” said Bob Baer, a former CIA agent who dealt with Dawa in the Mideast during the 1980s. “These guys are murderers. They were the core element that blew up our embassy in Beirut in 1983.”…


  6. Pissed Off American says:

    CNN has been running a photograph of the “Iranian nuclear facility”. They have also been running a photograph of the “North Korean nuclear facility”. Trouble is, they are both the same photograph….
    ….well, if the bastards are going to feed us horseshit, I suppose its good that they make it obvious horseshit, eh?
    Good luck at your conference tommorrow Steve. Tell Harman that I hope her AIPAC checks are clearing OK. And you might want to ask Donnelly why America should listen to ANYTHING a PNAC member has to say, considering the mess Iraq has become.
    Hey, maybe you could just skip the conference and ask CNN what to do about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Or North Korea’s, for that matter. Apparently, all we gotta do is bomb either facility, and we’ll get both of them.


  7. bAkho says:

    Is the new Bush policy to move against the forces of al Sadr in Baghdad and swing support back to the Sunnis in order to counter Iran? Why does Bush have any credibility at all in foreign policy?


  8. gq says:

    Hey Marky, do you think they’ll try to filibuster that one too?
    Sorry, Steve. I still have a grudge about that one for some reason.


  9. marky says:

    Gq, don’t know about trains, but Hagel and Voinovich are working on a very strongly-worded statement on horse and buggy accidents right this moment.


  10. gq says:

    What’s Hagel’s brave position on train breakdowns?


  11. marky says:

    A few years of GOP inattention to infrastructure/transportation and you’ll be missing meetings because of collapsed bridges.


  12. Mullah Cimoc says:

    Mullah Cimoc say the tv manexample of weak ameriki sissy boy, get fingernail makeover like homosexual be so pretty.
    put this man on tv make every ameriki man think his self so stupid, passive too.
    ameriki people was so many jack bauer tv show for become stupid and obey neocon for make master in tel aviv so happy. so destroy amerika for israeli control every part and thing like tv show.


  13. Marcia says:

    With the Ayn Rand people, they who have such a broad view of the world, what a farce!
    Will Cheney’s mob be able to pull another Foxy? It looks like it.


  14. Jerome Gaskins says:

    Only a religious zealot, of the kind that fostered and expanded the Crusades and pursued the witches of Salem, would condemn millions of people to death because of the words of one of their leaders. This zealot is the kind of person who believes they authorized and privileged to determine the fate of large sectors of humanity.
    Indeed, this type of zealot must never again be allowed access to any but his or her own life. That kind of person should be sterilized to ensure the end of it’s evil backwater of the gene pool.


  15. FormerJourno says:

    TALK with Iran before BOMBING???
    Golly gee wilikers — ya’ think we should actually TALK before launching what could be a nuclear HOLOCAUST ???? (whoops, sorry to use the H word as that is sole property of Zionism, Inc…. me bad…)
    When is Steve going to tell his circle jerk of foreign policy wankers that ISRAEL IS GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED?
    Including his dogs?
    Here we all sit, the entire world, held hostage to the likes of Chris Matthews, Richard Perle, Abe Shulsky, Rahm Emanuel, David and Meyrev Wurmser, Wolf Blitzer, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mitch McConnell, Prick Cheney, Avigdor and Joe Lieberman, etc., and Steve is going to help us by attending some kind of panel that may or may not suggest that we TALK TO IRAN BEFORE BOMBING HER AND LAUNCHING WORLD WAR III????
    You go Steve — keep nattering on while proving that we are little ants destined to be squashed by the Zionist lobbies.


  16. For Grover Norquist says:

    Welcome to “small government” in action.
    Anyone ever heard of subsidies for national transportation infrastructure? The profit motive isn’t exactly helping the rail networks, is it?


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