Busy Day Tracking “The Bush Bombing Memo”


My schedule in London has been packed today. I haven’t had the time to post I had hoped. Tomorrow may be better.
That said, I am surprised about something. Although I did have a number of posts below on the subject of George Bush’s alleged comments about bombing Al-Jazeera, I thought that there must have been some missing context — like humor wrongly applied — or some other explanation.
As I have dug into the details of this memo, the legal action the UK is taking against a couple of bureaucrats who leaked its supposed contents, and other details regarding Prime Minister Blair’s reaction, I am now gaining confidence that this memo recounts something quite serious.
There has been far less coverage of the Bush bombing memo in the U.S. than in Britain. After all, the White House doesn’t control the memo that recounts the meeting between Blair, Bush, Colin Powell and others. The Brits have that memo — and most of the action will be here in London.
However, I hope to share tomorrow more of what I have learned. I also have some thoughts on how the battle for access to this memo should be waged.
More tomorrow, and many thanks to those loyal TWN readers and other bloggers I had the pleasure to meet with today near Whitehall.
— Steve Clemons