BREAKING: Prime Minister Gordon Brown to Annouce that 2 Iranian Diplomats to be Expelled


gordon-brown-.JPGThe Washington Note has just received word that in a short while, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will announce that two Iranian diplomats stationed in the Iran Embassy to the United Kingdom will be expelled.
According to a British diplomat with whom I spoke, the UK government regrets this decision but it is the only appropriate response after Iran announced yesterday that it was expelling two British diplomats from Tehran.
The British diplomat expressed “disappointment” in this turn of events and emphasized that the UK wanted “a constructive relationship” with Iran — and that engagement has been the standing policy of the Prime Minister and of British Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “BREAKING: Prime Minister Gordon Brown to Annouce that 2 Iranian Diplomats to be Expelled

  1. John says:

    Was it John Stewart that said it? Obama’s goodwill isn’t to be wasted, pick on the smaller brother…


  2. Sand says:

    Nico Pitney:
    10:45 AM ET — UK-Iran relations get more toxic. “Unsourced reports are circulating, meanwhile, that British banks have frozen $1.6bn in funds belonging to Mojtaba Khamenei, son of the supreme leader,” the Guardian reports. And Reuters reports that Iran is temporarily recalling its British ambassador.
    His name comes up again.


  3. T_I says:

    There was a recent BBC program on Iran which they don’t particular like
    Ever since, things have grown increasingly sour.


  4. Don Bacon says:

    Inquiring minds should assume, without question, that the CIA and MI5 are deep into the current ‘green revolution” as they have been with other foreign instability operations, colored and otherwise.


  5. easy e says:

    Perhaps it’s the Brit’s colonialist history in that part of the world.
    British Colonialism and Repression in Iraq
    British Empire Blamed For Modern Conflicts By UK Foreign Secretary
    not to mention Balfour………


  6. ... says:

    any word on why iran has chastised britian in being party responsible for the unrest? they have accused britian of having sent over a number of intel people ahead of the elections… any word on that from gordon brown?? inquiring minds want to know!


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