Bing West: The 22nd Big Time Republican Against Afghanistan War


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Bing West
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Former Reagan Administration Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and frequent Fox News military affairs commentator Bing West is now, by my count, the 22nd big time Republican opposed to the course of US policy in Afghanistan.
Huffington Post‘s Nick Wing and Ben Craw compiled a list of the first 20 Republicans to tilt against the war.
Although Grover Norquist says he is calling for “a conversation on the right” about the costs and consequences of the Afghanistan War rather than directly opposing the war and calling for a withdrawal of US troops, his stance works for me to give him the #21 spot.
But after his appearance on the Colbert Report and publication of The Wrong War: Grit, Strategy and the Way Out of Afghanistan, I hereby grant Bing West the #22 slot.
— Steve Clemons


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