Berkeley, California on Thursday


So, tomorrow I’ll be meeting a few readers at Cafe Roma in Berkeley at 4 pm at 2960 College Avenue.
Frequent commenter Ben Rosengart is coordinating.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Berkeley, California on Thursday

  1. janinsanfran says:

    Darn — I’ll be at the Episcopal Urban Caucus meeting in Oakland, but may try to slip away.


  2. Chuck Dupree says:

    I’ll be at the other end of the bay with a bunch of grade-schoolers going over some opposite-sides castling pawn storms, so I won’t make this one, but I hope everyone has a great time, and Steve has a safe trip.
    Enjoy, folks!


  3. James Field says:

    Bummer. Last semester I was in Berkeley every Thursday but not this one.
    Have fun.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

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  5. Kathy K says:

    “Air kiss” to Ben.
    The ghosts of Vietnam Summer are all around you.


  6. Ben Rosengart says:

    Sorry, Kathy, I’m too young too. I’ve always been fascinated by that time, though; and Berkeley seemed, and seems, emblematic of it. Which is one of many reasons I am happy to be here! (Just moved here a few months ago.)


  7. Kathy K says:

    Wow. Cafe Roma still exists. This is the place where I first tasted expresso!–I was living for the summer in a really fun, run-down student house on Hillegas Ave, when I was a junior going on senior, in college (taking that daring time-off summer in Berkeley). This was a big deal back then. It was the Vietnam summer of my life. Sgt.Pepper and the Stones. And my first taste of–I guess, ultimately, Europe.
    What a contrast with the atmosphere back East at Bryn Mawr.
    Oh Lordy. Does anyone remember?
    You’re too young, Steve. Have fun, anyway.


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