Beijing Weather Alert: The View from My Window


Blue Sky Beijing.jpg
I was shocked to watch the sun rise this morning — and actually saw the sun, not some gauzy, cotton candy like Beijing permanent haze.
And now we see lots of blue. This is rare I’m told at this time of year.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Beijing Weather Alert: The View from My Window

  1. Ken says:

    I have been to Beijing during Autumn perhaps the best time to visit. The weather was georgeous and the scenery of the trees changing colour engaging. There were also fewer tourists. There were clear skies and breezy days with hardly any rainy days. I went out to the Great Wall and enjoyed walking with the warm sun on my face and take in the beautiful scenery. AH missing Beijing!


  2. David says:

    CO2 emissions in the US and Europe dropped a bit in 2009 as compared to 2008, but were still well above emissions levels when we fully realized CO2 levels were a very serious problem.
    China and India now lead the way in rising CO2 emissions. We’ve certainly done a bang up job of westernizing those two emerging powerhouses, and the two most significant population centers on the planet.
    Pity economic progress still equals environmental desecration, the most egregious at the moment being the British Petroleum ecocidal crude oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, formerly one of the richest sources of marine life on the planet, and still the point of origin of the Gulfstream.
    Laissez les bontemps faire roulez.


  3. Tom Hoopes says:

    It was either ’93 or ’96 on a crisp, unusually (perhaps even more so back then) clear October dusk in Beijing walking along the street and being taken aback at catching sight of the mountains. I had forgotten there were mountains near enough to see from the city.


  4. Don Bacon says:

    from the PRC Embassy website:
    To improve air quality, China IV Stage Vehicle Exhaust Emission Standard(which equals Euro 4 Standard) covering new vehicles will be introduced in Beijing in early 2008. After the new standard goes into effect, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau will not accept applications for registration for vehicles that fail to meet the new standard.
    Euro 4 – Europe – Jan 2005, CO 0.50, NOX 0.25, HC+NOx 0.30, PM 0.025
    (Euro 5 – Europe – Sept 2009)


  5. Don Bacon says:

    Steve, come on, with your partying you’d be shocked to see the sun rise any morning. Just roll over — it’ll pass.


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I can remember being a child of elementary school age, and not being able to see across the playground at my school in the San Fernando Valley. On such days we were not allowed to leave the classroom for recess. Such memories always make me chuckle when some asshole laments California’s CAFE standards for emissions. Had the government not intervened, and imposed emission standards on the big three, Los Angeles would be worse than Bejing on a bad day.
    (Good thing “questions” wasn’t in charge, eh???)
    These pieces of shit in the federal government that work to undermine California’s efforts to impose stringent standards should be forced to live in Arvin or Bakersfield, where the air pollution of the entire San Joaquin Valley, from ‘Frisco on down, blows into. Even in the mountains east of Bakersfield, where I live, has days where the smog blows through, intolerable and oppressive, even though I’m at about 4,600 ft. Driving down into it, it always amazes me how bad it really is. After you’re down in it, it is not near as noticable visually, but your eyes and your lungs can’t help but notice.
    It would be interesting to pop the hood on a Chinese vehicle manufactured for the Chinese market, and check out what kinds of emissions control devices are mandated, if any. One hopes the government is mandating equipment and standards AT LEAST as stringent as California’s.


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