The Presidential Summit On Entrepreneurship



(Photo Credit: Khawaja’s Photostream) Following the 47-nation nuclear security summit in Washington the week before last, the Obama administration is playing host to a much different series of meetings this week as part of its Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship – an effort to deepen ties among business leaders, foundations, and social entrepreneurs in the United…

Christopher Layne Weighs In On U.S. Relevance



(Photo Credit: White House Photostream) Almost exactly two years ago TWN Publisher Steve Clemons identified on this blog, “The Next Fault Line In Foreign Policy Combat: “The U.S. Matters” Vs. “No, It Really Doesn’t.” Clemons then posted alternative points of view from Princeton University Professor of Politics and International Affairs G.

Kissinger Skeptical Of The BRICs



(Photo Credit: Darthdowney’s Photostream) Former Secretary of State and Grand Strategist Par Excellence Henry Kissinger gave an interview to the Christian Science Monitor‘s Nathan Gardels earlier this week in which he provided a mostly positive assessment of President Obama’s foreign policy thus far.

Breaking Down The BRICs


The Economist has a lengthy profile of the BRIC bloc of emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), which appears to be casting itself as an alternative institutional framework to supplement and perhaps counter-balance the wealthy-country-dominated Bretton Woods clubs.

Is Obama Finding His Groove?


(Photo Credit: White House Photostream) Peter Baker has a piece in the New York Times today in which he argues that this week’s 47-nation nuclear security summit represents a coming out party of sorts for Obama’s foreign policy.