AP REPORTS THAT AN ARMED INSURGENT GROUP, THE AL-KARAR BRIGADE, says that it worked with various U.S. military and intelligence officers in moving the massive amount of explosives that has become a major pre-election controversy.
Clearly, there are problems believing the assertions of an armed and hostile group, but on the other hand, this is the first reasonable scenario for how such a huge cache of weapons-making material could be moved without our intelligence operations seeing it.
After all, Colin Powell provided extensive photo evidence and other intelligence in his UN testimoney of truck movements of weapons and related materials. One would think that we would have been even more successful in monitoring movements around real rather than imagined weapons.
Could our intelligence services have somehow been involved in moving and hiding the materials that somehow fell back into hostile hands? There must be more to this story.
AP reports:
A group calling itself Al-Islam’s Army Brigades, Al-Karar Brigade, said it had coordinated with officers and soldiers of “the American intelligence” to obtain a “huge amount of the explosives that were in the al-Qaqaa facility.”
Josh Marshall has been following this affair closely, and another little birdie tells me that it was none other than Bill Clinton who pulled Kerry aside and told him to go after this issue hard and tenaciously — and to stay on it.
Good call.
— Steve Clemons