Adair Turner on What an Economy Should Achieve


UK Financial Services Authority Chief Lord Adair Turner gave a thoughtful, long, but probing and reflective talk about what economic and financial regulation should be trying to achieve. One of the parts of his talk that I liked very much was his open query about the appropriateness of economic growth that is unattached to quality of life, jobs and happiness.
George Soros, a co-founder of the Institute for New Economic Thinking which is hosting this conference, sees Turner as perhaps the John Maynard Keynes of our time.
INET Executive Director Rob Johnson — who is a former music industry promoter and has put together some of the coolest comments, music, and video from leading cultural provocateurs and musical talent — introduces Turner in the clip above.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Adair Turner on What an Economy Should Achieve

  1. Chumanist says:

    Undoubtedly, the Turner’s economic indoctrination gives an insightful picture about the economic challenges/dynamics the world faces today.


  2. DakotabornKansan says:
  3. Dan Kervick says:

    For those who haven’t seen or read Richard Koo’s presentation at INET, please do so. It is extremely good.
    “In a balance sheet recession, monetary policy is LARGELY IRRELEVANT.”
    “In 1999 and 2001, deficits increased in Japan despite huge tax increases and huge decreases in spending!”


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