Abu Farraj al-Libbi’s Capture in Pakistan Scores a Point for the “Tough on Terror” Bush. . .Dropping Bolton Would Score a Point for the “Unite our Allies and Divide our Enemies” Bush


Abu Farraj al-Libbi’s capture is a big deal. This No. 3 player in the al Qaeda network no doubt has information on al-Zawahri and bin Laden’s operation that will bring these two mastermind terrorists closer to capture or some other form of justice.
Bush has a big score here. He should feel comfortable strutting a little — but allow the world to breathe some sigh of relief both because some of the established networks — in this case in Pakistan — are turning up 9/11 bad guys but also by sending to the United Nations someone in whom Americans and the world’s other great powers can have confidence in.
That is not John Bolton.
— Steve Clemons