A Year in Toons


2010 certainly wasn’t a dull year.
Between Wikileaks and BP’s leaks, D’s and R’s battling for Congress, iPads making many forget what books feel like, and of course the now ubiquitous tea partiers — there was maybe too much material.
Meanwhile the Obama team grappled for new solutions in the Middle East and beyond – notably, with Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, and Iran. DC got a new mayor, the US and Russia got a nuclear treaty, and a giant volcano even erupted.
TWN‘s cartoonist Jonathan Guyer has been following all of these movements with a fountain pen in hand. Enjoy this slideshow of 2010 in ‘toons – many of these originally debuted here at The Washington Note.
And if your memory needs a quick refresher, click here to see how 2009 looked in ‘toons.
All the best for the New Year!
— Steve Clemons


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