On the Town



Many thanks to Ambassador Lucky Roosevelt, Chairperson of Blair House Restoration Committee and the former and longest-serving Chief of Protocol for the United States, for inviting me to a terrific semi-annual Blair House “thank you reception” for donors. The event featured Jill Biden and drew many of DC’s elites, particularly from earlier generations.

Pakistan Untethered Even More Dangerous



For those following the evolving challenges in US-Pakistan post-bin Laden relationship, I share a slice of a thought in this clip with Jim Sciutto on ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer. My basic point is that Pakistan is a nation we can’t extract ourselves from without high costs.

Conversations with Power


My colleague and former research assistant Brian Till has published a great new book, titled Conversations with Power: What Great Presidents and Prime Ministers Can Teach Us About Leadership. In a few minutes, I’m conducting a conversation with the presidential and prime ministerial conversationalist. Should be fun.

Fanatics at Home



I may be a bit late to this story of the Brooklyn-based Jewish Ultra-Orthodox newspaper, Der Tzitung, photo-shopping Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama Counter-Terrorism Adviser Audrey Tomason out of the White House photo of the President’s national security team watching the zap bin Laden operation, but geez — this is pretty bad.

What Happened to The Budget Surplus of 2000?



Paul Krugman has a powerful slap at the emerging narrative that America’s working families and average citizens wanted something for nothing and thus precipitated the economic disaster of recent years. Instead, Krugman shows what powerful interest groups can do.