Iran’s Faulty Toolbox



This is a guest post written by Matthew M. Reed, a research intern with the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program. Iran’s arsenal is familiar by now. It includes the “oil weapon,” armies, proxies, and ultimately nuclear weapons. Each tool of leverage is seriously flawed but that does not prevent alarmists from overstating their effect.

On the Value of Travel Alerts



Growing concern about specific terrorist threats targeting Europe in the past few weeks, with the focus on Britain, France, and Germany, led the State Department yesterday to issue a “travel alert” related to Europe. Here is the key portion of the alert: The State Department alerts U.S.

White House TED-Style: Austan Goolsbee on Tax Cuts



Wow. President Obama’s new Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Austan Goolsbee has gone “TED-ish” in his economic commentary. Goolsbee’s talk is coherent, straightforward and doesn’t talk down to folks. And the production style is more modern than virtually anything I have seen from the White House. Excellent job Austan.