28 al Qaeda and Hezbollah plots in the UAE



One of the things that most impressed me when I was in the UAE this past week was the sensible, informed perspective that every single government official I met had. There was no anti-Israel jingoism among government elites, though i can’t say the same about people in the private sector.

Credibly Challenging Iran: A Coordinated Plan to Get Oil Below $40/Barrel



Bravo to General Wesley Clark for making his way to Dubai for the Arab Strategy Forum taking place here this week. It was fun to see him earlier today make his way quickly across the room to kibitz with former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen who I am traveling with this week in the UAE….

John Bolton RESIGNS as US Ambassador to the United Nations



I have been 95% sure it was over — but the administration has always tenaciously held on to that 5% chance — just as those who opposed Bolton held their grip as well when the administration “acted” as if it had the Bolton nomination ready to ram through the Senate. It’s over.