The National Security Agency has now recommended that the intercept material and the names of U.S. officials requested by John Bolton be released to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. TWN does not know the terms by which the material will be handled.

More State Department Colleagues Testify to Bolton’s “Rogue Behavior”



A. Elizabeth Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, publicly stated that John Bolton, her colleague, regularly violated State Department rules on travel and notification of meetings. According to AP’s Barry Schweid, Jones said that Bolton’s behavior was “symptomatic of his determination not to work with other people.

Bush-Cheney Won the 2004 Election: Why are They Still Offending the Sensibilities of Republican Moderates?



The New York Times‘ Douglas Jehl has an excellent summary of the John Wolf and Robert Hutchings interviews here. Dafna Linzer’s informative Washington Post article on the same subject is available here. I think both sew in different items that are worth considering.

Bill Richardson’s Role in the Bolton NSA Transcripts Story



A completely unanticipated development in the NSA intercepts issue was that unnamed senior level sources who are cleared but refuse to say much more indicated that NM Governor Bill Richardson may be part of the package of NSA intercepts interest exhibited by John Bolton. This may or may not be true.

Too Early to Sort out the Score on Battle Over Bolton



This morning, National Journal‘s “Inside Washington” ran a short piece on the Bolton fiasco and gave TWN a shout out. The clip reads: Inside Washington, National Journal, 30 April 2005 Washington: Take Note of Who Is Joltin’ Bolton Although the nomination of John Bolton to be U.S.

Breaking News: Former Asst. Secretary for Nonproliferation John S. Wolf Interviewed by Senate Foreign Relations Committee



TWN has just learned from a senior level source that former Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation John Wolf has been interviewed by Republican and Democrat staff members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and validated that John Bolton demonstrated patterned and frequent vindictive behavior towards numerous subordinates at the State Department.

Colleagues Report that Bolton’s Behavior Undermined Colin Powell and the Department of State on Numerous Occasions



John Bolton refused to live by the rules that other diplomats, career and non-career, had to live by working at the State Department. Bolton is being irresponsibly rewarded by President Bush and Dick Cheney for violating every rule in the book when it came to serving the U.S.

Colin Powell vs. Condi Rice: Hand-to-Hand Combat over John Bolton



Sid Blumenthal has written a blistering critique of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s position on John Bolton, making the lucid and appropriate point that whereas Colin Powell has frequently put the interests of the nation above loyalty to those on petty power trips, Rice seems to be doing the opposite.