Unblocked: Amnesty International & BBC Chinese


amnesty international china.jpg
bbc chinese.jpg
Gung Ho Films Director Michael McDermott in Beijing just sent me these pics of his computer in Beijing. For the first, time he has been able to access Amnesty International and BBC Chinese over the net.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Unblocked: Amnesty International & BBC Chinese

  1. justaguy says:

    Yes, you can get around it through proxy servers, but I stay away from counterrevolutionary websites – so I don’t need to worry about that.


  2. Joe Klein's conscience says:

    Isn’t there ways to get around “The Great Firewall”? Like proxy servers and stuff?


  3. justaguy says:

    Those two sites are, indeed, unblocked, but the great Firewall has not been taken down. There are still any number of sites that are blocked – this is a cosmetic move that is being used to dampen criticism during the Olympics. If they’re still unblocked by September 1st I’ll be very surprised.


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