<em>The Washington Note</em> Makes Top Ten — or Perhaps Top 17


This was a nice surprise.
TWN scored in the top 10 blogs on Capitol Hill. There were 17 who made the list because of ties in the rankings.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


14 comments on “<em>The Washington Note</em> Makes Top Ten — or Perhaps Top 17

  1. karenk says:

    You made the list cause you have a great blog.
    I noticed Wonkette-Politics for people with dirty minds-was #2-that speaks volumes!


  2. ... says:

    congratulations Steve and thanks for doing the work to make it so.


  3. Frank says:

    Quality shows. Congratulations.


  4. CLD says:

    Congrats, Steve! You do excellent work and deserve to be noticed for it.


  5. Carroll says:

    Well deserved and should be even higher on the list if you ask me. When I started reading news and blogs on the internet I read them all and then settled on a few… TWN, everyday, War&Piece, everyday,…some others I check in on once or twice a week or so, mostly because they are all either red or blue and I know in advance what they are going to be saying about any given thing.


  6. pol says:

    Fantastic, and well-deserved!


  7. Marcia says:

    Congratulations and apologies, I got on the wrong post for the comment.


  8. Marcia says:

    There are all these conflicting legacies that have to be tended to.
    Is Kissinger suddenly worried he might be caught in two lost wars


  9. Carol Gee says:

    I knew I had good taste, Steve. Congratulations! I have been dropping by for a long time at both TWN and C-SPAN, when they carry an event of yours. Thanks for keeping us up to date on those TV appearance opportunities, as well as letting Annie and Oakley appear occasionally, too.
    One of many reasons your writing has standing is because of your respectfulness, even-handedness and keen eye and ear. Being able to carry on a vigorous and thoughtful debate these days is such a rarity. Too bad really polarized folks can’t watch and learn from you. Keep up the good work.


  10. ET says:

    Steve, Congratulations to you and *mille fois merci* for inspiring this baby blogger!
    Best, Ticia


  11. JRB says:

    Saw that this morning and was going to email to wish you congrats.


  12. cherie says:

    Can’t say Im surprised. You are my top spot to check out to see what the news really might mean. Keep up the good work!
    will the new death toll in Iraq make any difference as to what happens next?


  13. Greg Priddy says:

    Congratulations. I’m not surprised TWN made the list, though.
    The one thing which was a bit surprising was the study’s breakout of who reads blogs on the Hill — disproportionately the more senior staff — which sort of goes against the stereotype…


  14. ... says:

    Calling ET, Calling ET.
    Message: Forward to ET @ TWN
    Hello Ticia,
    Thanks for all the good tips. We added your link on the 9 year old
    hanging himself to our top 4 at Raw Story, and I’ve got your TPMCafe blog
    added to my RSS feed. Keep up the great work!
    -Michael Roston


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