The View From Your Window: Nickee Snowbound


Nickee Snowbound.jpg
A regular TWN reader sent this endearing picture of his pup, Nickee. I empathize completely with the dog and feel up to my neck in all sorts of stuff.
More tomorrow.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “The View From Your Window: Nickee Snowbound

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    You must be in Washington. If so, that “stuff” you’re up to your neck in isn’t white, its brown.
    6 mil in 24 hrs. Pretty impressive, eh?
    The natives are getting restless, Steve. They are sick of seeing the Presidency of the United States packaged up like some sort of Wal-Mart knick-knack, gussied up all pretty and nice with poisonous paint applied by a twelve year old Chinese laborer.
    Sooner or later Steve, you’re either going to have to jump to one side of the fence or the other. Either that, or you’re gonna wake up some day and discover you’ve fallen off, and landed in a cesspool you can’t escape from.


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