The <em>Real</em> State of the Union


I haven’t seen President Bush’s speech yet — just highlights — though about to watch it tonight. Wolf Blitzer, though, just said that Bush revisits the theme of the “axis of evil” tonight.
Mike Huckabee, responding to Blitzer, just said that we should be pursuing an “Axis of Opportunity” — not obsessing about an “Axis of Evil.” And Huckabee said that the real state of the union is “troubled.”
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “The <em>Real</em> State of the Union

  1. Punchy says:

    “axis of opportunity”?? He really said this? What the hell does that even mean?


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    The crowd got quiet when Bush menitoned the clean energy fund for India and China, where all our jobs are at.
    Nobody really wanted to be on camera giving applause to that concept.
    Let’s languish under clouds of coalish acid rain, and help the countries becomeing economic superpowers to be more competitive than we are!


  3. Sandy says:

    Yep. That’s his legacy.


  4. Nikolas Gvosdev says:

    Steve, also interesting what the president, in terms of addressing foreign policy, chose not to discuss.
    No real discussion of the challenges he will be bequeathing his successor. China mentioned once–in the context of creating a clean energy technology fund (only mention of India as well–nothing about whether or not the supposed “alliance” of the oldest and largest democracies is in jeopardy). The list of the unfree countries remains the safe one–Burma, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Cuba. No discussion of Russia or what the U.S. stance will be on how, when and why NATO expands again. Europe not mentioned, no discussion of the future of the dollar or the trans-Atlantic relationship.
    Contrast this to reports coming out from Davos about an undercurrent that the U.S. is a damaged power and that other states are beginning to envision a world where the U.S. doesn’t play as much of a leadership role.


  5. Michael says:

    I dunno, kinda sounded like another “aluminum tube” speech to me. Feel I’m getting set up for Iran.


  6. Schuett says:

    Just a Cuba comment. As Bush was leaving someone off camera said something short in Spanish followed by a “Viva Colombia! Viva Cuba!” The person then thanked Bush for getting it into the speech to which he replied “por supuesto.” When he walked forward none other than Ileana Ros-Lihtinen, getting in some face time and sliding in the Cuba issue.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    So far he hasn’t mentioned the rebaathification of Iraq.
    Thats funny, he couldn’t shut up about the debaathification.


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