Pace of Iraq Casualties Seems to be Quickening


Just about every day I get an email from the Department of Defense identifying casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.
President Bush is going to be speaking about the “State of the Union” tomorrow night — and we should remember that a lot of our fellow citizens will not be around to hear his thoughts on the matter.
Here is the latest notice from the Pentagon on troop deaths:

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties — 22 January 2007
The Department of Defense announced today the death of two Marines who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Cpl. Jacob H. Neal, 23, of San Marcos, Texas, died Jan. 19 while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. Neal was assigned to Marine Forces Reserve’s 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Lance Cpl. Luis J. Castillo, 20, of Lawton, Mich., died Jan. 20 from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. Castillo was assigned to Marine Forces Reserve’s 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Lansing, Mich.

America is in a “slow bleed” in Iraq — and that is not a tolerable strategy.
— Steve Clemons


21 comments on “Pace of Iraq Casualties Seems to be Quickening

  1. steambomb says:

    How many people would have enough access to the Trade Minister’s car to steal its license plate?
    Not only that but, When they realized it was missing did they report it? If they realized it was missing.


  2. SqueakyRat says:

    How many people would have enough access to the Trade Minister’s car to steal its license plate?


  3. karenk says:

    I read in the Daily News today that Ayman al Zawahiri made a statement taunting Bush, encouraging him not to stop at 20,000 additional soldiers, but to send 50 or 100,000-basically saying, “the more the merrier-we’d be happy to kill them all.”
    From day one I was against starting a war in Iraq for many reasons, the main one being PEOPLE DIE IN WARS. Sounds simplistic, but many forget this point. Everyone who has ever entered a war thought it would be a quick and easy victory for their particular side-yet it rarely is. So when the bodies start to pile and the limbs and eyes are lost and the head/emotional traumas begin, everyone seems surprised and starts crying and lamenting. What did they expect? This is what war IS. They’re not playing bacciball, they’re killing each other. That’s why I say there is NEVER a reason for a war-just excuses for it. That includes WWII, because NO ONE can say for sure what would have happened had we not gotten into that one. No one can say what would have happened had events in the past been different any more than they can predict the future.


  4. pauline says:

    “The poll indicates that Bush has made no headway in selling his decision to bolster troop levels in Iraq by 21,500, with 65 percent now opposing it, compared with 61 percent the night of his Jan. 10 nationally televised address. Three in five Americans trust congressional Democrats more than Bush to deal with Iraq, and the same proportion want Congress to try to block his troop-increase plan.
    Bush’s overall approval rating of 33 percent matches the lowest it has been in Post-ABC polls since he became president, and 71 percent say the country is seriously off track, the highest such expression of national pessimism in more than a decade.”


  5. pauline says:

    “A license plate from a car registered to Iraq’s minister of trade was found on an SUV used by the gunmen who killed five American soldiers in the city of Karbala on Saturday, an Iraqi police official said Monday.
    Maj. Gen. Qais al Maamuri, a police commander in Hilla, said the plate had been stolen from a BMW that belongs to Abdul Falah al-Sudani, a member of the Shiite Muslim Dawa Party. He said Sudani wasn’t a suspect in the attack.
    The link, however, deepened the mystery surrounding the Saturday attack as the second double-car bombing in Baghdad in seven days provided additional evidence that it will be difficult to quell the violence, even with the additional U.S. troops President Bush is sending to Iraq. …
    U.S. officials confirmed Monday that five Americans were killed in Saturday’s attack, but they revealed no information about how the gunmen obtained a top Iraqi official’s license plate, U.S. and Iraqi army uniforms and identification cards and vehicles like the ones used to carry U.S. officials.
    Most Iraqi officials live in the American-protected Green Zone, where entry is strictly controlled. If the license plate were stolen from Sudani’s car inside the Green Zone, that would suggest an inside job.”


  6. bob h says:

    Yes, but it might be the only strategy available if the aim is to make to to 2009 without being accused of having “lost” a war.


  7. liz says:

    Just want to interject that while war is killing Americans in Iraq, lack of medicines and health services at home at killing Americans too. Alot of them are not going to be around for this speech either.This war on terrorism is a war on human beings, both good and bad.


  8. Dirk says:

    Gee steambomb, maybe the article you read didn’t
    include sufficient details about the incident.
    The attackers drove with speed and urgency, just the
    way Americans travel. They wore what appeared to be
    legitimate US uniforms and drove in asshole GMC SUVs
    just like Americans. One had a sign in English and Arabic warning drivers to stay back. It worked.
    See the AP article in the SF Chronicle:


  9. steambomb says:

    This latest attack on the security planning meeting really bothers me because they went through three checkpoints to gain access to that meeting where they mowed down our guys. Can the Iraqis at those check points even be trusted? I think our guys are stuck in a very very bad situation where they cannot rely on the Iraqis and yet are being told by our upper brass that they have to.


  10. CaseyL says:

    Interesting, Carroll; I didn’t know that about Secret Service protection. I like the idea of Bush, Cheney, et al., living in fear for the rest of their miserable lives.
    It does make me wonder even more about that hectare of land Bush bought in Paraguay. I haven’t heard anything more about that; has anyone else?


  11. Carroll says:

    Posted by steve duncan at January 22, 2007 09:47 PM
    FYI, Clinton was the last president to have lifetime secret service protection. Bush 43 will get protection for only 10 years after he leaves office and Cheney will get none. It will be interesting to see what their paranoia does to them after they leave the sanctity of the WH, particulary Cheney.
    Perle has to hire his own bodyguards and Wolfowitz has a security team only as long as he is with the WB.
    Bush and Cheney have enough money to hire private security but a lot of the other guilty neos and gov officials like Yoo and the AG don’t….I would not want to be any of them once they are turned out of goverment.
    “Revenge is a wild kind of justice”..Sir Francis Bacon.


  12. steve duncan says:

    Attached to this
    Ephemeral burning house
    You yourselves light the fire, kindle the flames
    In which you’re consumed


  13. Dennis says:

    Yes, “American IS in a ‘slow bleed’ in Iraq and that is NOT a tolerable strategy.”
    Can anyone convince me that Bush regime or the Cheney regime or the oil conglomeration or the industrial – military complex that Eisenhower spoke of give a damn?
    I don’t think so.
    This isn’t a U.S. war. It’s a personal war for the benefit of those just named.
    You don’t have to be a blind conservative not to see it, just an ignorant one to deny it.


  14. Easy E says:

    Richard ***Prince of Darkness*** Perle:
    “I Have Very Little Doubt’ That Bush Would Order ‘Necessary Military Action’ Against Iran”
    No further proof needed that Bush is merely the ideal puppet for his neocon masters.
    Perle is reported to have once said, “The first time I met Bush 43 … two things became clear. One, he didn’t know very much. The other, that he had the confidence to ask questions that revealed he didn’t know very much.”


  15. steve duncan says:

    This war is a criminal enterprise, enriching a select few corporations intimately entwined with various Republican figures and organizations. Thousands of innocent lives from dozens of nations have been lost as coffers swell. Some of that money comes back to those in power, both under and over the table, illegal and legal. They’re consequently further entrenched in the power structure of the nation, thus happily continuing the war. Democrats won’t seriously buck the conflict, as they’re in line for some of that money also, especially should they continue to win elections and maybe the presidency. Were it my son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father dying in this charade, this crime, I’d surely seek retibution for my loss. Lacking an institutional avenue for such justice personal means would certainly be pursued. No one murders my own and gets away with it and what Bush has wrought is murder most certain. He is evil personified, a sociopathic devil deserving of whatever terrible end he meets. I have one son, 22 years old. He’ll never volunteer for the military for he sees it for the criminal venture it is. I’m glad for his common sense for if this conflict somehow put him in his grave God help those responsible.


  16. little brother says:

    microchip implants for all gov’t employees. nefarious leaders need to be “watched


  17. ET says:

    Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts writes today,
    “Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War”


  18. David says:

    At minimum, negligent homicide comes to mind. Carroll, I gotta say you are dead on in your comment.


  19. Prabhata says:

    I don’t know why pundits find similarities between Vietnam and Iraq. The truth is that Iraq is to the US what Afghanistan was to Russia. Afghanistan bled Russia a few soldiers at a time while Russia spent billions to maintain its grip in Afghanistan.
    OBL spoke plainly about his strategy: bleed the US by engaging the US in a a long and costly war. Richard Clark was right when he stated that the worst decision to fight terrorists was to invade Iraq. The US will end up like Russia if Americans allow Bush to continue his war on terror by staying in Iraq. Congress will not cut the funding of the war unless Americans demand it.
    Worse yet, I think Israel will begin the war against Iran in the spring of 2007, and Congress will allow Bush to join Israel. We’re in for a very messy 2007. Bush believes he can extricate himself from the Iraq quagmire by enlarging the war into Iran.


  20. Carroll says:

    This is where I lose it every time. I hate the “politicans”…I want their legs and arms blown off and for them all to have to spend the rest of their days pulling themselves across the floor like the legless 24 year old marine mother has to do to play with her three year old.


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