STREAMING LIVE TODAY: James Glassman on America’s Public Diplomacy Challenge


Karen Hughes finally got a successor in her previous role as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, and it is entrepreneur, writer, and thinker James Glassman who was until recently Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
Glassman has done much in his DC career, and yes — he did co-author the market exhuberant book Dow 36,000 with McCain economic advisor Kevin Hassett who is, like Glassman was, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.
Among his other roles:
– Chairman, Broadcasting Board of Governors, 2007-present
– Editor-in-Chief and Executive Publisher, The American, 2006-2008
– Financial columnist, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, 2004-present
– Founder and host, (technology and public policy), 2000-2006
– Columnist, Scripps Howard News Service, 2004-2006
– Member, Advisory Board on Public Diplomacy in the Arab and Muslim World, 2003
– Syndicated financial columnist, Washington Post (business page), 2001-2004
– Columnist, International Herald Tribune, 1999-2004
– Chief columnist, FOLIOfn, 2001
– Analyst, Left, Right, and Center, KCRW Santa Monica, 2001-2002
– Host, PBS TechnoPolitics, 1995-1999
– Syndicated columnist, Washington Post (opinion and business pages), 1993-1999
– Moderator, CNN Capital Gang Sunday, 1995-1998
– Editor and part-owner, Roll Call, 1987-1993
– Executive vice president, U.S. News & World Report, 1984-1986
– President, Atlantic Monthly, 1984-1986
– Publisher, New Republic, 1981-1984
– Executive editor, Washingtonian, 1979-1981

Glassman will be speaking on “New Approaches to Winning the War of Ideas” between 12:15 and 1:45 pm today EST — and the meeting will STREAM LIVE here at The Washington Note. (the video is now watchable above)
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “STREAMING LIVE TODAY: James Glassman on America’s Public Diplomacy Challenge

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    600,000 come here to study
    250,000 go elsewhere to study
    An exchange gap. No wonder we are on the decline.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    For my druthers, Amb.Tutwiler was the person best suited for this role, but there isn’t much incentive for her to stay since they essentially undid James Baker’s wing of experience and its role in directing policy.
    Conflicts withstanding….


  3. JohnH says:

    Sorry, Murder, they’re not terrorists. They only become terrorists when Bush, or some other powerful government official, labels them as terrorists, so that they can gain political advantage by demonizing and dehumanizing them. Then the government can use them as an excuse to send in the special forces, and hopefully secure the local country’s resources at the same time…
    If the definition of a terrorist were clear cut, then the Tamil Tigers, who pioneered suicide bombing, would be at the top of the list. But we have little interest in Sri Lanka’s tea…


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    Remember the conversation, about how Norway has no terror items?
    “OSLO (Reuters) – Twenty-three people were wounded when a gang of 40-50 men armed with steel bars and machetes attacked residents at a refugee centre in Norway late on Thursday, officials said on Friday.

    An official at the centre in Oestfold south of Oslo said the attackers were Chechens and the victims Kurds. Police declined to confirm or deny that and said they had made no arrests so far.”
    Lets hope this is never confirmed. It would so ruin some of the assumptions both sides of the topic have made, pro or con.


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