Bolton Lobbying Against Law of the Sea


I’ve just learned that John Bolton is meeting with conservative senators, urging them to oppose the Law of the Sea. A Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the convention is scheduled for Thursday.
This is a wake-up call to progressives, moderates, and old-school conservatives: joining the Law of the Sea is absolutely critical to restoring the American tradition of responsible, multilateral global engagement. If you haven’t done it yet, call your senators today.
If any TWN readers are real gluttons for punishment and want to study the Law of the Sea in great, great, great detail, download the 124-page briefing book here. Otherwise, see past posts here and here.
I wonder if Bolton’s recent activity is more damaging to Bolton or to the Convention. Either way, I’m not too worried.
— Scott Paul


2 comments on “Bolton Lobbying Against Law of the Sea

  1. JohnH says:

    Of course Bolton is lobbying against the treaty: it would impede the US’ ability to go to war with Russia and grab all the Arctic Oil! Opponents need to change the frame and clearly label what Bolton is up to. Continuing to ignore the real motivations only allows the neocons to continue putting up straw men and false pretenses.


  2. Punchy says:

    Remember–In today’s Republican politics, it matters not a whit if the proposal is good and sound (see SCHIP), is popular with the peeps (see Iraq), or is fiscially responsible (see Drug bill)…it ONLY matters if the Dems support it. If they do, they must by definition oppose it.
    Law of the Sea will only pass if some Dems start to express some faux reservations about it. R’s would fall over themselves to enter the “yea” vote…


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