Emanuel to Blagojevich: You are Dead to Me and You Were Already Dead to Obama


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I just posted a post that I have taken down. I got punk’d or whatever they call it.
Here is a brilliantly written “fictional” transcript — that appeared on Daily Kos — but I thought it was real.
Lots of profanity, but you will like it. Because it’s not the real deal, I won’t repost the whole transcript here.
But can’t you imagine Rahm in a call just like this?
— Steve Clemons


21 comments on “Emanuel to Blagojevich: You are Dead to Me and You Were Already Dead to Obama

  1. Rick says:

    Rham Izzie must be sucking wind on this one. It sounds like something he would do……


  2. Existenz says:

    Yes, you got punked. Sorry for that! But I’m glad you enjoyed
    reading it 🙂


  3. rich says:

    Ah, POA,
    then you’ll love Obama’s possible-likely pick for Interior: David Hayes.
    Three points below:
    Revolving door, you say? No lobbyists in an Obama Administration, you say? Obama won’t be keeping that pledge if Hayes is appointed to head Interior—>
    “David Hayes, as acting deputy secretary of the Interior was the chief negotiator for an agreement between water districts in California, which resolved water rights and allocations for, among other districts, the Metropolitan Water District (Associated Press, Southern California water districts cross another hurdle, October 18, 1999). As soon as Hayes left Interior and joined Latham & Watkins in 2001, he immediately became a lobbyist for the Metropolitan Water District (opensecrets.org, 2001, 2002, and 2003). Return to Interior would complete the revolving door from regulator to lobbyist to regulator for David Hayes and the Metropolitan Water District.”
    If Bush’s oil & gas leases on public lands ticks you off, then consider Hayes’ & Clinton’s role:
    From CounterPunch:
    Tweedle-Griles (R) and Tweedle-Hayes (D)
    “So, the three biggest oil and gas bonanzas attributed to the rapacity of the Bush regime – the Alaska petroleum reserve, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Powder River – were all initiated by the Clinton administration.
    “Before joining the Clinton team, Hayes served as the chairman of the Environmental Law Institute, a DC green group. But this was only a part-time position. His day job was as a lawyer/lobbyist at the DC firm of Latham and Watkins, which represents a plump roster of corporations seeking to plunder the very lands as deputy secretary of Interior he would be charged with protecting. After leaving the Clinton administration, Hayes navigated a soft landing back on his old roost at Latham and Watkins. How is this any different from the lucrative migrations of the hated Steven Griles, who traveled from the Reagan administration to an oil lobby shop to the Bush II administration?
    The revolving door spins for all.”
    Maybe that’s not enough–too tame to shock politicos or pundits into action.
    Would illegal dumping of toxic waste dumping get your attention? Ford colluded with mob-controlled waste haulers to dump xylenes, arsenic, benzene, lead–& a host of solvents and heavy metals–onto farm fields, streams, hiking trails–and they bribed and murdered to do it.
    Of course, the rural poor and Ramapough Indians are paying the price. Ringwood doesn’t have the staff to even inventory the dump sites.
    But David Hayes?
    He was “[t]rying to stick the cost of the clean-up of a toxic waste dump on a rural, economically disadvantaged American Indian community, not the kind of behavior one would want to see from a potential Secretary of the Interior. The Ringwood superfund site is a little-known American tragedy and David J. Hayes, as recently as 2007, was trying to get the polluter off the financial hook.”
    “In 2005-2007, David Hayes represented the interests of Ford Motor Company at a notorious hazardous waste site in Ringwood, New Jersey where the company had “dumped lead-based paint sludge, near homes and streams” (Greenwire, N.J. asks feds to conduct a criminal investigation of Ford, July 28 2005).”
    “Hayes teamed up with the Bush Administration EPA to try to force a substantial portion of the cost of the cleanup of newly discovered sludge on the borough of Ringwood, even though the sludge was from Ford (Knight-Ridder, Big-name firms will make legal case for cleanup, health checks, October 4, 2005)”
    “Part I, “Making a wasteland: Ford, the feds, the mob,” is a must-read if anyone thinks that David J. Hayes was just defending an innocent corporation against spurious claims. The attorneys coming forward on behalf of the residents to take on Hayes and Ford included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Johnnie Cochran’s firm (Knight-Ridder, Big-name firms will make legal case for cleanup, health checks, October 4, 2005).”


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Obama is a fucking disappointment on just about every level. I mean, we have an Israeli chief of staff, a neo-con Sec. of State, the husband of a major Air Line lobbyist as Sec. of Health, a Vice President who’s in the pockets of Credit Card Companies and now a guy entrusted with HUD who never saw a developer he didn’t like. I’m so effing pissed.”
    Kinda takes “getting punked” to a new height, don’t it?


  5. downtown says:

    If this guy is going to do to the nation what he and his crony Bloomberg did to NYC, then say hello to a 2 hr. commute to your place of employment. These 2 clowns have single handedly destroyed viable neighborhoods on the Lower East Side and god knows where else. Together with a compliant City Council, they rescinded previous Zoning Laws, practically giving entire neighborhoods away to fat cat developers. So now we have the spectacle of 27 story luxury buildings on the Bowery, displacing long-time residents in favor of the monied few who can afford to pay 5000 bucks a month for a 1 bedroom apartment.
    Obama is a fucking disappointment on just about every level. I mean, we have an Israeli chief of staff, a neo-con Sec. of State, the husband of a major Air Line lobbyist as Sec. of Health, a Vice President who’s in the pockets of Credit Card Companies and now a guy entrusted with HUD who never saw a developer he didn’t like. I’m so effing pissed.


  6. Linda says:

    Actually the inability to separate fact from satire got me thinking that our political reality these days really is like being in a Charlie Kaufman movie.
    Or perhaps we need a new Shirley Temple and Busby Berkley to get us through the next few years…
    Anyhow I started thinking about some of my favorite political films that I might just add to my Netflix list, thought it might be fun to share and get others’ suggestions.
    “Dr. Strangelove” always is my first choice. Then these came to mind in no particular order of preference:
    Wag the Dog
    All the President’s Men
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    Being There
    All the King’s Men
    The Manchurian Candidate
    The Candidate
    Charlie Wilson’s War
    The Great Dictator
    The Mouse That Roared


  7. Carroll says:

    Ficton?…it’s probably close to the truth.
    I would say it’s most likely typical of little rooster Rham.


  8. freddh says:

    Way to go Steve-this is classic! Even on their best days, Hollywood could not have done better.


  9. 21st Century politics says:

    When insiders get punk’d that’s fiction calling the truth; Hammett and Chandler would be rolling.


  10. kovie says:

    Then a younger Robert Blake (who is clearly not a mentally well man) it is! Now about that time machine–is the DeLorean from Back to the Future still available on some back lot warehouse, or perhaps some studio tour or the Smithsonian?


  11. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “If the people wish to retain sovereignty, they must also reclaim responsibility for the actions taken in their name. As of yet, they have not. . . . Pursuing the Bush administration for crimes long known to the public may amount to a kind of hypocrisy, but it is a necessary hypocrisy. The alternative, simply doing nothing, not only ratifies torture (among other crimes), it ratifies the failure of the people to control the actions of their government”
    Scott Horton


  12. Lynne says:

    Respose to kovie:
    Tome Cruise — the physical and attitudinal personas are close, but I do think that Tom may be more intelligent than Rod. (Damning with faint praise…)
    God, I wish this transcript were real. It is SO spot on!


  13. kovie says:

    I see that I’m not the only one who thought that Madigan looked like Moore. But who plays Blago–I can’t decide between Tom Cruise and a younger Robert Blake.


  14. kovie says:

    Fwiw, I got punk’d a couple of times myself in the comments section Glenn Greenwald’s blog this week, mistaking satire for trollery. With the transition between 8 years of hell to what we all hope is 8 years of non-hell (at the very least), I think that lots of people are kind of confused and not sure of what to make of all the hope for better things. It’s very disorienting and leading people to become paranoid and jumpy, like someone’s going to pull out the rug and say “Gotcha! McCain actually won!” or “Obama’s under indictment”. I swear, if someone posts a diary about how Bush has nullified the election through executive order and handed the presidency over to Cheney, I’d half believe it. Until Obama’s in office for a month or two, it’s not going to feel real. That’s what an administration as bad as this one does to your head.


  15. TonyForesta says:

    Tragically, though it’s hard to admit, I know you are correct POA. I do believe however that there is a difference between dems and repubs however subtle or nuanced it may be, and any improvement in the conduct of the government, or any advancement of the peoples rights and best interests over the predator class, however incremental or minimal would be welcome.


  16. Linda says:

    It remains politics as usual–and the usual any more is that it gets worse and not better.
    Jon Stewart won’t be back until 2009, but real life IL and DC are about as absurd as satire anyhow.
    I’ve starting to cast the movie because Demi Moore would be perfect to play the IL Attorney General.
    Might as well make the season a bit more jolly!


  17. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Tony, I always agree with the depth of base depravity and criminality you attribute to the Bush Administration and the GOP.
    However, I seldom agree with your depiction of the Democratic leadership as offering “leadership” that is any less depraved or criminal. These wimpy mewling jackasses on the left are just as corrupt, and not near as ballsy. A truly disappointing pair of deficits.
    The courage and integrity you demand from these people, if present, would have displayed itself long ago if it in fact existed.
    The next time you get the opportunity to see this worthless sack of shit Pelosi natter on about what is on or off the table, bear in mind that thats as good as it gets from these pathetic posturing frauds masquerading as representatives of the people. There aren’t any White Knights riding to the rescue, Tony.


  18. TonyForesta says:

    The strawman arguments are irrelevant. What is relevant is that democrats adopt the supposedly “shap elbowed” approach of Emanuel. This ridiculous, fruitless, futile, and suicidal effort at bipartisanship, and reconcialition, and reaching across the isle to the gop is a doomed to fail. The gop will continue to gut every major policy and legislative effor put forward by democrats and the Obama administration. The lack of a a 60 vote majority in the Senate will harry, haunt, and debilitate the Obama government through-out the first term. Reach across the isle, reconciliation, bipartisanship with what? Eight years of lawlessness, catastrophic failure on every front, a ruthless robbing and pillagiing of middle class Americans to feed the predator class – the superrich? Why would any democrat reach across the isle, reconcile, or seek to be bipartisan with the otherside that has ushered America to brink of economic collapse, pervereted and betrayed the rule of law and the Constitution, profiteered wantonly, and failed to win two wars? Short of channelling Paul Wellstone, – I don’t see the democrats policies gain any ground in the next few years, – which bodes extremely ill for poor and working class Americans. Of course the superrich, the predator class will benefit handsomely, be bailed out, granted immunities, and retire in oppulent luxury unaccountable and unpunished for crimes and abuses, – but poor and middle class Americans will suffer grievously unless and until democrats quit this ridiculous, futile, doomed to fail, suicidal effot the reconcile, reach across the isle, or work in bipartisan ways with the gop.
    The gop needs to be defeated and put in a time out, – a penalty box. They failed in every way, in every front, in every arena. Democrats need to muster the courage, the will, the temerity, and the moral integrity to stand up, smack down and defeat the gop, and put these minions of the predator class, the superrich, in a box, lock them out of the government they have perveted and abused, and throw away the key.
    Once the gop recognizes that the other 99.5% of the American population exists, has value, significance, importance, and legitimacy – then we can entertain reaching across the isle, reconciling, or being bipartisan. Until that day the gop must be defeated, ostracized, and the party and ideologies and machinations the gop pimps and advances must be hanged by the neck until dead.


  19. Richard says:

    It’s OK, Steve. Mark Halperin punked me once when he ran The Note by reprinting Carter’s malaise speech as a Bush speech.


  20. Mark Ballard says:

    Yeah, one of the labels on it is Snark. On the
    other hand it does sound like it could be real.


  21. Lynne says:

    Umm…you should probably take a look at the comments after the transcript on Dailykos. This is not a real transcript; it is a joke.
    On the other hand, if we could get the real transcript, it might be very much like this one!


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