Mt. Kisco Coach Sightings Bring Local Flavor to Hillary Campaign


I’ll eliminate the suspense: I think it’s pretty silly. I understand the Clinton campaign’s desire to connect with its supporter base, develop loyalty, establish brand identity, and increase its candidate’s accessibility.
Nothing wrong with that. But those goals could have been accomplished in ways that touch on issues facing the U.S. and the world, too. The way it was done seems a little shallow.
However, I did enjoy the spot announcing the end of the contest, which pays homage to the Sopranos and, more importantly, to Mt. Kisco Coach diner. The diner is a local fave for those of us from the Chappaqua/Mt. Kisco, NY area, as well as my destination as a teenager for many a breakfast and late night snack.
So in sum, Hillary’s campaign song contest may lack in substance, but it is high on local flavor and sentimental appeal.
I’ve been away from the blog for a few days and should be back soon – with plenty of exciting stuff to report on and a few random thoughts here and there, too.
— Scott Paul


14 comments on “Mt. Kisco Coach Sightings Bring Local Flavor to Hillary Campaign

  1. Plesk salla says:

    No, you’re wrong. She’s quite sane. Just incredibly taken-advantage-of in every way possible, and very decent about it.
    Most women who’d been ardently pursued, then dumped, her formal wedding cancelled, and left financially liable for a home she didn’t own and never lived in — might have been vitriolic, or spilled the beans, on a radio interview still available on the Internet. But she wasn’t, and she didn’t.
    So chill and take a deep breath, nephew dear.


  2. kimi says:



  3. billy says:

    I’m with my good bud Robert Morrow on this one. Damn liberals deep down are only for legalizing pot so that they can be lazier workers and be slackers in the workforce who don’t care one whit about productivity, man! Yeah, man, they dont wanna be schmucks who work hard all day to feed clothe and shelter their families, they just wanna smoke dope like Cheech & Chong, man! They will never get ahead.
    And the wicked bitch Mr. Morrow speaks of, lest we all forget, was having a torrid affair with Vince Foster in the White House basement as revenge for Bill’s getting his knob polished regularly by who knows who. So wha did Bill do? Had Vinny offed, but good, in the park where he was lured by promises of one helluva romp by the wicked bitch’s imposter working for Bill. And y’all wonder why the wicked bitch and her Big Dawg did a mobster scene a la Sopranos in a diner. It’s all of one piece my friends.
    Ask Robert Morrow.
    As for Ron Paul, I particularly like how he’s gonna privatize EVERYTHING in government. Capitalism Gone Wild! like it should be, so those dope smokin’ liberals will come to know full well who their betters are ’cause they’ll be workin’ for them, and workin’ real hard for the real rugged individual men with American know how and the pioneer spirit.
    God Bless America !!


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Gads, I might attempt suicide, or seek a doctor willing to lobotomize me. It seems Morrow and I might just be supporting the same presidential candidate.


  5. Robert Morrow says:

    Hey, did I mention RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT lately?
    I am a Republican in Austin, TX which is a liberal hotbed. They hate Republicans in this town.
    So I am running around campaigning for Ron Paul, a true, classical conservative and everywhere I go folks love, love, love Ron Paul. The Independents definitely love Ron Paul. The Demos like him because he is 1) anti Iraq war 2) anti-Patriot Act 3) he won’t throw you in jail if you smoke a joint. Apparently, dope is REALLY important to liberals, which explains a lot about their politics. Ha!
    The Barack Obama Meet-Up group in Austin has 226 members which I thought was a TON. A lot more than that wicked bitch in the race. The other Republican Meet up groups have 7-10 members each. But the RON PAUL Meet up group has 300+ members and is on fire.
    Also, the inside word is that Ron Paul is on track to raise $5M this quarter, now wouldn’t that be something? A few more lucky breaks and Ron Paul could be in the top tier of Republicans and then we could really have some FUN.


  6. GUS says:

    Thats the Mount Kisco Coach Diner on the Hillary campaign commercial. Yeiiiii, yaaa GO HILLARY !!!!
    New Jersey


  7. MIA says:

    POA, I am not a “Wimpie!” I’m just as much a Real Man as your beloved Wally Cox. Hell, you’d have to add together the manliness of Wally Cox, Don Knotts, Artie Johnson, John Feidler, Marty Feldman, Woody Allen, and Donald Meek, to get close to what I’m packing. So take that you anti-semite!


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “POA, I feel your pain! I hate everyone too.”
    I don’t hate everyone. I kinda liked Wally Cox. And since then, Albert Lee’s guitar rifts have certainly put a smile on my face. Then, of course theres my daughter, who recently graduated from teenager hell.
    And Ron Paul seems to be gaining steam for my esteem.
    Hell, thats four. Is that enough, Wimpie??


  9. MP says:

    …writes: “fouad ajami is a zionist?!”
    No, he is not. And, if he were, I fail to see why that would be a bad thing, as you seem to imply.
    But his analysis has a lot of merit. Safe to say that BOTH sides have made huge errors in their erratic walk toward peaceful coexistence. Jews tend to ignore their own mistakes or rationalize them. Palestinians do as well–Ajami is pointing out that side of the equation.


  10. MIA says:

    POA, I feel your pain! I hate everyone too.


  11. PissedOffAmerican says:

    God help this nation if Hillary finds her way into the Oval Office after this asshole George Bush. It would be like a one/two punch to our country, and I doubt it will survive it.


  12. Jessica says:

    I wish the Clinton campaign (among others) would devote more of their time to important issues and less to media hype over their chosen theme song, for example. I would like to see the candidates address the United States’ commitment to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which call for cutting world hunger in half by 2015 and eliminating it altogether by 2025. Indeed, it is estimated that the expenditure of a mere $19 billion would eliminate starvation and malnutrition worldwide. In a time when the current defense budget is $522 billion, the goal of eradicating world hunger is clearly well within reach and it is my hope that whoever becomes president in 2008 addresses this pressing issue.


  13. corinne says:

    My husband is from Westchester (Ardsley & White Plains) and we’ve eaten at the Mt. Kisco diner as well. Nearby is the Indian statue in the center of Main St. that we named Chief Kisco (don’t think he had a name). The statue was part of a fountain donated to Mt. Kisco.
    We both knew immediately where the video was filmed 🙂


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